Conservative Copsuckers Blame Leftist Politicians

Conservatives apparently imagine that if you just got the “right kind” of politicians holding the leashes of the police that the police would turn into the heroic saviors the conservatives seem to want so badly for them to be. Nope. That will never happen. Good people don’t seek a job that gives them that kind of power over others. Not politics or policing.

Leftist Lessons of The Case Against Education

Overall, reactions to The Case Against Education have been civil and fair.  While I’ve been heavily criticized, I’ve been criticized for what I actually said and believe.  My main disappointment: While the quality of the left-wing critiques has been fine, the quantity is modest. 

The Leftist Apparitions Who Shook Down Scrooge for Money

Who knows what housing, stores, railways or other benefits to society Scrooge had made possible through his wise judgment? How many thousands of jobs had he created? Dickens is unjustly silent on this. Whatever Scrooge had financed, we know it was something the public wanted or needed enough to pay for voluntarily. Thanks to Scrooge, however crusty his demeanor, the common people of London were far richer than they otherwise would have been without his services.

Leftist’s Preferred Property Rule

For some it’s ethical, for others it’s consequential, but the preferred property rule of all leftists, from the government-loving social democrats and progressives to the anti-state anarcho-communists (et al), seems to me (and I could be wrong) to be that if you need something that someone else has (and doesn’t need), you should get it, by any means necessary.

A Critique of Leftist Anarchism

Written by Neodoxy for The Voluntaryist Reader. If communism, syndicalism, egalitarianism, and democracy are all as natural and positive as…the radical left claim, then they should be happy to remove the state and allow society to spontaneously flow into its “natural” shape. Let’s stop playing these name games and work towards disbanding the state. Then…