Tim’s Journey, South Korea, & Military Dynamics (56m) – Episode 364

Episode 364 welcomes Tim Hall to the podcast for a chat with Skyler. Topics include: why they don’t know each other; shared group membership on Facebook; coronavirus response in South Korea, coronavirus response on his military base; Kim Jong Un situation in North Korea; his belief in self-determination and small governments; Constitutionalism; several military based subtopics, including: don’t ask, don’t tell, black lives matter moment, cancel culture, women and ballbusting, his Afghanistan tour; and more.

Josh and Eve’s Journey & Homeschooling (1h2m) – Episode 109

Episode 109 welcomes Josh and Eve LeVeque to the podcast for a chat with Skyler. Topics include: their separate journey’s to libertarian thinking; the value of discussion groups; each of their police and state court experiences; crimes verse torts; authority verse loyalty; Thomas Jefferson Education (TJEd) and unschooling; phases of learning; having kids; marijuana; their new short term rental business; peaceful parenting and spanking; and more.

Alex’s Journey, Economics, & Market Solutions (52m) – Episode 107

Episode 107 welcomes Alex Voss to the podcast for a chat with Skyler. Topics include: living in Chicago and Cincinnati, Serbia and the international opinion of the Clintons, economic traditions (Chicago, Austrian), philosophical journeys, good and bad laws, his libertarian influences, his career in legal risk mitigation in the healthcare industry, the importance of economic knowledge, getting married and starting a family, and more.

Mark’s Journey, Science, & Truth (1h4m) – Episode 106

Episode 106 welcomes Mark Anthony Rivera to the podcast for a chat with Skyler. Topics include: his short-term rental through Airbnb, self-directed education (unschooling), his passion for science from a very young age, his applied physics career, growing up a Democrat in southern California, discovering Ron Paul and libertarianism, putting premises and principles over political labels, objectivity and morality, defining our terms in argumentation and discourse, what natural law is, praxeology and economics, words and concepts as symbols, and more.

Dennis’ Journey & Writing for the Open and Curious (1h7m) – Episode 105

Episode 105 welcomes Dennis Pratt to the podcast for a chat with Skyler. Topics include: writing for the open and curious with respect and empathy at Quora.com, his personal growth nonprofit organization, growing up as a New York liberal with a socialist perspective, debating with a staunch conservative colleague focused on logical consistency moved both of them toward libertarianism, recognizing the use of indirect violence, cognitive dissonance, why the Socratic method of disputation enrages people, raising a daughter who went in and out government schooling and his battles with teachers and school administrators, and more.

Brandon’s Journey, Defiant Personalities, & Open-Mindedness (1h19m) – Episode 104

Episode 104 welcomes Brandon McKean to the podcast for a chat with Skyler. Topics include: working with his hands, childhood and adolescence, employment at a young age, woodworking, managing a crew, Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers and David & Goliath, property rights and his Scottish ancestors, crime in society, responsibility, schooling, Christian values and agnosticism, Murray Rothbard, voting, freemasonry, open-mindedness toward the possibilities of deity, the afterlife, past life regression, and the paranormal, and more.

Mike’s Journey, Homelessness, & Fatherhood (1h23m) – Episode 101

Episode 101 welcomes Mike Campbell to the podcast for a chat with Skyler. Topics include: how he found himself homeless, moving around the Salt Lake valley living in a tent, future employment, childhood trauma and substance abuse, police and the expanding definition of crime, podcasting basics, moving toward peaceful parenting, forcing kids to lie, the natural curiosity of children, free range kids movement, child abduction and yelling “Fire!” to prevent it, unschooling, spending time in jail, and more.

Eric’s Journey, #1 Jet.com Insider, & Libertarian Politics (1h2m) – Episode 097

Episode 097 welcomes Eric Martin to the podcast for a chat with Skyler. Topics include: winning the Jet.com Insider contest and his stock options reward, what Jet.com’s sale to Walmart for $3.3B meant for Eric, running for US Congress in 2012, Ron Paul’s influence on his journey to libertarianism, types of libertarians, cryptocurrencies, future education plans for his children, and much more.