Kelly Halldorson: Unschooling Liberty (1h1m)

This episode features a talk by unschooling mom Kelly Halldorson from 2013. She and her family of eight (2 parents, 3 teens, 3 dogs) travel(ed) full-time in a converted school bus known as “The Unschool Bus.” Kelly and her family live, learn, write, make music and art, play, and advocate for liberty from their roving home. They are Ron Paul supporters and passionate advocates for outside-the-system, alternative education methods known as “unschooling.”

Brett Veinotte: Alternatives to Schooling (2h19m)

This episode features an interview of educator and podcaster Brett Veinotte from 2017 by Thaddeus Russell, host of the Unregistered Podcast. Brett is the host and editor of the School Sucks Project. The School Sucks Project is a weekly podcast and web community dedicated to exposing the damaging effects of government school. Brett has spent more than 10 years working in private education in various capacities. They share their personal experiences with public schooling and wonder what the alternatives may be.

Peter Gray: How Humans Learn (2h6m)

This episode features an interview of evolutionary psychologist, research professor, and author Peter Gray from 2020 by John Papola, host of the Emergent Order podcast. They discuss the worlds of developmental and evolutionary psychology, the way that the education system has changed, the origins of school, and much more. The conversation surrounds Peter’s personal experience with the education system through his son, which is what led him to studying development and education.