Insurance Photos, Morning Stretches, & Emotion Venting (16m) – Episode 022

Episode 022 looks at taking photos and video of your home for insurance purposes; rotating out to donation old stuff that you’ve replaced with new stuff; stretching in the mornings to help yourself wake up, and putting your sleep alarm at the other end of the room; why you should always answer “yes” to someone at your door asking if you have a security system; and why it’s important to never ignore your feelings or thoughts.

Gossip, Close-Mindedness, Anger, Ignorance, & Moving On (22m) – Episode 018

Episode 018 looks at paying attention to the gossip your friends tell; protecting yourself from getting defensive when you read opinions you don’t agree with; not responding for at least 15 minutes when something makes you angry; the importance of acknowledging that you don’t know something and using it as a bonding opportunity; and moving on from a job that no longer serves you well.