Liberty Quotes: Bertrand Russell, Thomas Jefferson, Francis Mahaffy, Mahatma Gandhi (28m) – Episode 446

Episode 446 has Skyler giving his commentary on a quote by Bertrand Russell on the idea that some questions and opinions aren’t open to discussion; by Thomas Jefferson on disobeying unjust laws; by Francis Mahaffy on the concept of “social justice” and the damage it does to justice; and by Mahatma Gandhi on the inhumanity that is the use of coercion.

Liberty Quotes: Larken Rose, Robert Higgs, Teddy Roosevelt, & Mark Skousen (24m) – Episode 420

Episode 420 has Skyler giving his commentary on a quote by Larken Rose on there being no country on earth for freedom lovers; by Robert Higgs on the fundamental difference between markets and governments; by Teddy Roosevelt on the soulless twins that are the two major political parties; and by Mark Skousen on what constitutes a civilized society.