Unschooling Dads

Unschooling Dads: Twenty-two Testimonials on Their Unconventional Approach to Education
Edited by Skyler J. Collins. Foreword by Sandra Dodd.
5″ x 8″, 156 pages

Unschooling Dads: Alan Southgate, Art Carden, Chris Moody, Danilo Cuellar, David Friedman, David Martin, Earl Stevens, Edwin Stanton, Gregory Diehl, Jeff Till, Jeremy Henggeler, John Durso, Mike Durland, Pace Ellsworth, Parrish Miller, Peter Gray, Phillip Eger, Rob Nielsen, Ron Patterson, Skyler Collins, Terry McIntyre, Thomas Knapp

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Foreword – Sandra Dodd, p.i
Preface – Skyler J. Collins, p.vii

1 – What is Unschooling? – Earl Stevens, p.1
2 – Prospective Unschooling Dads, p.11
3 – Junior Unschooling Dads, p.35
4 – Senior Unschooling Dads, p.97

Epilogue – Phillip Eger, p.137
Further Reading, p.139
Dad Index, p.140