Self-Defense for Men, Firearms for Women

The reason why it is a good idea to teach guys self-defense isn’t about winning fights. It is to instill confidence and make sure to not be an easy target. The reason men get attacked is largely for a display of power and dominance. Ergo, putting up a fight makes the risks higher than the reward. Additionally, if you put up a fight and lose, a certain amount of respect is earned within the aggressive male ecosystem. The problem is, this whole dynamic doesn’t translate to women or children well.

A Tool for Labor Negotiations

The movements against standardized testing has little to do with learning, children, testing, epistemology, or psychology. These movements are predominantly supported by teachers and unions as a means of leveraging school districts, parents and governments into minimizing accountability.

Capitalizing on Your Insecurity

Most of the time I have observed people promoting their religion/faith, they aren’t selling the virtues of the ideology. It isn’t promoting scripture, showing the wisdom inherent in god’s word, or anything like this. The way most advertising for religion works is merely the same exact way used by con men and cults, they are capitalizing on your insecurity.


I was just watching some edgy songs (at the time) from the 1980s and I realized that something very disturbing has happened to counter culture. Fighting “the man” used to be venerated in certain circles. Media outlets praised it. Most interesting music revolves around it. Humor was largely based on it. Teenage slang was antiestablishment. Every bully parent were people pushing the norms on a kid that wanted to be different. Today, Antiestablishment media is not allowed.

Arbitrage and Shorting Stocks

When you buy a stock, it is a good price as far as most people are concerned. Maybe the stock will go down or maybe it will go up, but given the information people have today, it is priced highly accurately to what people think it should be priced. This phenomenon is not true with most other assets.

A Sea of Counter Conformity

We live in a sea of conformity and signaling. We are drowning in it, and, to some degree, this is okay. We are a social species, and we need to accept that the social nature of the species expresses itself in this way. I am on the far side of the spectrum that feels moderately comfortable being unacceptable, but I am an aberration. Even in myself, I feel the same social impulses everyone feels.