Acrostic on Four Seasons

Nobody asked but … Four Seasons Floundering, foundering, foolish futility,Only lonely (sex store next door),Useless really (crematorium other side),Rude. Supercilious silliness, Effectiveness excised,Affect continued,Systematic deconstruction = hot mess,Organized disorganization, Nonsense with a clandestine aimSwitcheroo. — Kilgore Forelle

Autonomous Individualism

Until I heard Professor Ryan, I was in danger of mislabeling myself.  For the past year, I have been confused because I have not been aware of failing to be a voluntaryist, many longtime friends seemed to be going down a garden path, and by implication I was being called unpleasant things since I was taking care of myself.  In other words, I was wearing a mask when it seemed prudent.