A Republic … If You Can Keep It

The title above is based on a Benjamin Franklin quote, often cited.  It implies that a republic is a good thing, worth keeping.  At the time of Franklin’s observation, republics went back to the heyday of Rome and Athens, and were the merest step apart from monarchy.  A good definition of “republic” would point out that it was doublespeak for aristocracy.

Word Jungle

Market.  Marketplace.  Free market.  Open market.  Corporatocracy.  Self-interest.  Greed.  Graft.  Grift.  Regulation.  Regulatory capture.  Human action.  Human nature.  Darwin.  Darwinism.  Natural selection.  Eugenics.  Survival.  Survival of the fittest.   Leadership.  Adherency.   History.  Fact.  Fiction.  Dog eat dog.  War.  Peace.  Civil.  Barbaric.

Getting It Wrong

Maybe the battle of the sexes will never end.  Maybe if it does, it will be like Vietnam or Afghanistan.  With a WTF? My complaint has always been that the only winners seem to be the ones who act the most like the aggressors.  Women who wear pants suits, and men who are the most passive aggressive win (in an odd way).