Words Poorly Used #142 — Loyalist

A few days ago, I sent out a Facebook Friend Request to a person who had over 750 friends in common with me.  This person politely replied that we could not be friends since he was a “Trump Loyalist,” so he feared I would be offended by his posts.  Such offense would have been a certainty, but I was offended already by the language of the phrase, “Trump Loyalist.”  But let us be clear, the utmost problem is not Trumpism — it’s loyalism of any sort.

Words Poorly Used #140 — Corporatism

In its worst misuse, “corporatism” is given as a synonym for capitalism.  Corporatism is made of fictions, while capitalism is a natural economic occurrence.  Corporatism is the case where statism is used to control purely natural market activities.  When well-meaning people complain about the excesses of capitalism, they are usually resenting the dodging of responsibility, legislatively by the state-licensed corporation or illegally by the marauder.

Words Poorly Used #137 — Argument

In a discussion the other day, a friend asked me to pretend that I was doing a performance review on POTUS.  His argument was based on that premise, and the subarguments were 1) POTUS is a CEO, 2) the “economy” is “good,” and 3) there are “jobs.” I refused to take the bait.  Ayn Rand would have been proud of me because I considered the premises.