Leftists Are Toxic Lunatics

… a little recent repartee from Quora: Is socialism when the government does stuff? Alex Knight BA from Union Institute & University Answered Feb 24 “Government itself is socialism. It does not rely upon market forces, but coercive force in order to secure its financing. It then imposes (not provides) “services” (many of which would…

Socialism is Satan

If you’ll pardon me, I’m going to engage in a little of my own Paul Harvey here:  If I were Satan (and likely, there are more than a few leftists out there by now who believe precisely that), I would promote and engage in virtually every idea and activity that the modern Left presently does.

My Gitmo

My Gitmo.  A small enclave where the philosophy of freedom still exists.  Outside, in much of the rest of Vermont, is an ethical and intellectual wasteland filled with devious, diabolical, destructive, and downright evil ideas such as critical race theory, socialism, gun control, suppression of free speech, and cultural Marxism.  Those things are not welcome here.  Not on my 20 acres.  Not at my Gitmo.

Conserve Your Sympathies, Fight Your Own Battles

As has not been lost on many modern-day libertarians, the ancient Greek and Roman Stoics counselled – among many other things – that since the vast majority of occurrences we encounter in life are matters beyond our control, it only makes rational sense to disregard such goings-on, and focus exclusively on those things which are of immediate concern to us, and fall within our own sphere of personal influence.

Pegasus Take Flight: My Vermont “Jury Duty” Experience

“They’re going to think you’re a Pegasus who just came down from a cloud,” a friend of mine from New Hampshire told me over the phone last summer, when I told him I’d be summonsed for “jury duty” here in Vermont.  “They’ll probably be asking themselves whether you’re going to burn the building down. And I know it won’t be filmed or recorded, but it would be absolutely hilarious to see the answers you give them.”