The Human Mind Is A Gift

The crowning achievement of civilization is the power of the human mind. It is the greatest tool and natural resource available to us. It is what transforms every other natural resource available to us. It is what has lifted us out of the Dark Age of fear, abject poverty, shortened life spans, and high infant mortality. Through the cumulative ingenuity of countless intrepid entrepreneurs and inventors, Free Market Capitalism has provided an abundance of wealth that has catapulted our comfort and standard of living into the stratosphere. Our lives are no longer threatened by trivial infections or the natural world.

The only remaining threat to our existence is our own rigid authoritarian dogma. We are held back by those individuals who obstinately to cling to barbaric notions of domination and violence. The power hungry control freaks clamor incessantly about the need to be afraid of your neighbor, this religion, or that group. They declaim that the only panacea is to give them more currency and more power over your life. They are the horse and buggy carriage that vainly endeavors to rationalize its existence in a world of spacecrafts and Maglev trains. Its irrelevancy is becoming more apparent with each glorious innovation. In a world of bustling productivity, it is not necessary to fight evil with violence. Simply strip it of its power by inundating it with a tsunami of innovation. It will be unable to stand its ground and will be forced to retreat back into the abyss from whence it emerged, utterly defeated without a shot fired.

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Valid Laws Are Universalizable And Immutable

The laws of morality are just as timeless and immutable as the laws of physics, chemistry, and mathematics. They are universalizable and non-discriminatory. They are discovered, not created. They apply to all without recognition of race, gender, creed, ethnicity, religion, or socioeconomic status. They do not require reams of pages of the federal registry to outline, the extent of which nobody has the faintest idea, least of all the legislators. The laws of morality have been described as Common Law, Natural Law, or the Golden Rule. They are something most parents endeavor to teach their children. Don’t hit and don’t take other people’s stuff. This is a very concise summary of recognition of self-ownership, property rights, and non-aggression. A law degree is not needed to understand basic rules of morality.

Small children understand these mores, the confusion arises when Statism and the belief in authority is introduced and taints the mind. They are taught when there appears to be a contradictory message, always defer to authority for the answer. Discouragement of independent critical analysis becomes commonplace. Deductive reasoning is replaced with unwavering obedience. This is the source of the greatest atrocities we were all taught to fear. Without the mass of lickspittles and sycophants, the ruler has no power with which to carry out his maniacal whims. It is not the sociopathic ruler that must be feared, but rather the legion of obedient order followers. The well-intentioned citizens who pay their taxes and quietly submit to the State have enabled the greatest crimes against humanity. When obeying man made law would have one become an agent of injustice, one is compelled to break the law. Historically it has been the lawbreakers that displayed the greatest moral rectitude, civility, and compassion. It is far more important to develop an internal conscience and moral compass than it is to prostrate oneself before the law. We were all bestowed with free will and human cognition developed over eons. Use them!

“Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience. Our problem is that people all over the world have obeyed the dictates of leader and millions have been killed because of this obedience.” – Howard Zinn

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Death Brings Value To Life

Death is the phenomenon that brings value and meaning to our lives. It is empowering and uplifting. It means nothing is permanent. It means nothing is truly ours. The impermanence of our existence highlights what truly matters. How will you live your life given the finite time you are given? We are all given a deposit of 86,164 seconds per day. It is the great equalizer. What will you do with that daily allotted time? How will you spend it? The course of your life is determined by the choices you make today. Every passing moment is an opportunity to change your life. You have the power.

The butterfly is beautiful because of it’s short lifespan. The flower is beautiful and it’s scent alluring because it is fleeting. Fresh food is delicious because once cooked it immediately begins to rot and decay if not eaten quick enough. Relationships are often passionate for short fleeting moments as many times such high intensity energy cannot be sustained over long periods of time. This is fine because there are many ways to love and many phases to a relationship.

Look to death not with fear, but rather with gratitude. It is the inevitable moment that incentivizes us to live to the fullest with passion, kindness, love, and compassion. What would you like to be remembered for? What actions or words do you want to define your life? What principles do you hold to be sacred, that you would fight for? How do you want those dearest to speak of you at the moment of your passing? Your answer will determine the course of your existence. We will be remembered for our words and actions. Choose them with great care.

“For one word a man is often deemed to be wise, and for one word he is often deemed to be foolish. We ought to be careful indeed what we say.” – Confucius

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Free Market Capitalism Saves Lives

Many people blame technological innovations and inanimate machines for the woeful problems plaguing humanity. As with most assertions a basic definition of terms is warranted. According to Merriam Webster dictionary, technology is defined as follows:

1) The practical application of knowledge especially in a particular area.

2) A capability given by the practical application of knowledge

3) A manner of accomplishing a task, especially using technical processes, methods, or knowledge.

I would define technology as the application and use of man’s intellect and creativity to transform raw crude natural resources into usable goods and services that benefit and lift his fellow men and women out the default state of poverty we were all born into. Technology is the means by which our lives have become less perilous and more comfortable. Technology is the use of tools to improve our daily lives. To be against technology is to be against hammers, shovels, cars, trains, airplanes, washing machines, indoor plumbing, refrigeration, electricity, air conditioning, shoes, telephones, computers, and the Internet to name just a few.

The tool can never be blamed for the wicked actions of the individual. We were all blessed with free will and a mind capable of making decisions. The responsibility always lies with the individual to discern right from wrong based on his/her own conscience. Moreover the consequences of those decisions can never be shirked, rather they must always be assumed by the individual. The tool is an extension of our bodies just our hands are an extension of our bodies. Just as if I strangle a hobo my hands are not blamed but rather my body/mind is; so too an inanimate object can never be the focus of any serious crime investigation. It is not a War on Drugs but rather a War on People. It is not a War on Terror but rather a War on People. It is not Gun Control but rather People Control.

It is not only that Free Market Capitalism has raised our level of comfort and given us enormous product variety, but also that many people throughout the world have come to depend on these technological innovations for their very existence. The wealthier society sees technology as luxurious but unnecessary and superfluous. The poorer society sees technology as an oasis in a vast desert. For us in the West to deride technological advancement and actively strive to dismantle its existence is to condemn the poor and suffering people of the world to lives of misery. Pay your respects to the intrepid inventors and courageous entrepreneurs that have, through their arduous toil, created the immensely intricate and wondrous civilization we have all inherited. The creation of wealth is a magnificent human achievement and representative of the awesome power of the human mind. It is what separates man from beast. Before you expire and pass into the nether world, do your part to make the world a better place than when you found it.

“The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper names.” – Confucius

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Free Human Beings Do Not Ask Permission

I am not a political activist. I do not advocate for marches, protests, or the signing of petitions as a means of effecting change. This represents the acknowledgment that political predators have legitimate authority over my life. The host does not concern itself with the opinion of the parasite. Shuffle off and deprive it of nourishment and rest assured, it will perish of it’s own accord. The laboring industrious have no need for the leeching bureaucrat. Indeed a new Renaissance will be realized when producers finally stop prostrating themselves in obeisance to the rulers. Every extorted tax dollar is one less unit of currency that could have improved a product, created a new product, started a business, or enriched the lives of a peaceful human being. This is the principle of the seen vs. the unseen. Stop feeding the beast with your currency, attention, and participation.

I am a teacher. I pass on the lessons of Peace, Compassion, Economics, and Voluntaryism I have gleaned from those who have come before me so that I can do my part to help lift humanity to dizzying heights of prosperity and wealth. I teach with words and by example. I teach to empower my fellow brothers and sisters. I teach to make the world a more peaceful, gentle, compassionate, and loving place. I may not live to see a world absent the belief in the State but that will not deter my focus or render impotent my words. That some 19th century Abolitionists did not live to see the end of chain slavery did not detract from the power of their message. I am privileged to learn and espouse this magnificent philosophy. It has improved my life in countless ways. It behooves me to spread it far and wide. I remain eternally grateful to all the peaceful human beings who strive to leave the world a more beautiful place then when they entered it. You are my heroes!

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Embody Peaceful Anarchism

“I am trying to figure out what Peaceful Anarchism would LOOK like here in the usa…. We have had a business since 1976…. But if we were young again… how would a family DO That?… Perhaps.. live off grid? Homebirth so no record of birth certificate?… if they get a birth certificate in a hospital birth … it would be hard to NOT get an S.S.# I would have to be an UNassisted homebirth because credentialed midwives report the birth. If you can avoid S.S.# barter and trade skills with others living off grid & under the radar? You would have to make money or bitcoin under the radar, right? So no taxable income? But what does Peaceful anarchy LIVING look like IN REAL LIFE? Maybe we can do it when my husband retires? Withdraw all savings, cash in all annuities take all retirement funds and just put that all under a mattress?”

I do not think it is necessary to live off grid and be entirely self-sufficient. Complete self-sufficiency, although it may be a worthy goal, is not entirely realistic. We all depend on each other for many things we cannot produce. That is not a bad thing. It just means that as civilization grows and becomes wealthier, more people can specialize and make money in their specialty. When that happens everyone benefits.

Agorism or counter economics is a worthy path as well. Raise your kids outside of the State. Conduct your business outside of the State. Transact outside of the State. Live your life outside of the State. Get your wealth out of fiat currency to the best of your ability. Invest in precious metals, such as physical gold and silver. Invest in crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin. Get to know and befriend your local farmers and small businesses. In this way we can starve the beast of our currency, attention, and participation. This is a thoroughly effective non-violent strategy to cripple and render impotent the power of the State. The stronger we can build and maintain community bonds, the weaker and more obsolete the State becomes. It only grows in size and power when there is division, infighting, bickering, and malcontent. In loving our neighbor to the fullest we can build a future based on purely voluntary interaction and respect for property.

It is never too late to attempt to live as an Anarchist or Voluntaryist. One need not wait until a truly voluntary society is realized. One can embody Peaceful Anarchism right now. Do not acknowledge the State, to the best of your ability. Live your life with gentleness, kindness, compassion, and love. Live your life according to your principles. Treat others with respect regardless of race, gender, creed, religious belief, ethnicity, or socioeconomic background. Perform random acts of kindness wherever you can, whenever you can. Be generous with loving and appreciative words. Do not self-censor or hesitate in expressing your compassion. The future is not guaranteed or secured to anyone. The present is a gift. Appreciate life while you have it. It is a privilege afforded to few.

Being a Voluntaryist is not about exiting society or withdrawing from friends and family. It is about being very much a part of it. One of the greatest non sequitur fallacies is that society or civilization will collapse if not for the omniscience of the State. A proper perspective must be cultivated between the parasitic class and the industrious. It is the parasites that fundamentally depend on the industrious for their very existence. Through siphoning off small portions of the productivity of the industrious, the parasites grow fat and decadent. The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper names.

“You can chain me, you can torture me, you can even destroy this body, but you will never imprison my mind.” – Mahatma Gandhi

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