Rulers and Leaders

A consistent error made by statists is the classification of their rulers as leaders. The consistency of the error can be observed by the common use of the word “our”. Our president, our election, our war, and so on. The use of such a word implies a form of common ownership of the government and its directives among the people. In the United States, the opposite is true; the elite have common ownership of the people.

Is “Free Election” an Oxymoron?

American leaders and their loyal media pundits love to sit in judgment of other countries’ election, declaring them fair or rigged according to their seemingly meticulous standards. In fact, the real standard is that the regimes “we” like hold free and fair (enough) elections, while the regimes “we” dislike don’t. What about regimes “we” like that hold no elections at all, like Saudi Arabia? They are forgotten whenever the loveliness of democracy is the topic of discussion.

Drug Abuse Stupid But Prohibition Evil

Beyond rights I care about the most, you have the right to do things that don’t interest me at all, or things I don’t like. As long as “it neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg,” as Thomas Jefferson said — nor the pockets or legs of anyone else — I support your right to live as you wish. I don’t care who it offends; there is no right to not be offended.