Skyler J. Collins vs. Richard D. Wolff on Capitalism and Socialism (47m) – Episode 433

Episode 433 has Skyler responding to claims and arguments made by Richard Wolff in debates with David Friedman and Gene Epstein. Topics include: Wolff’s debate tactic of feigning ignorance; Wolff’s definitions of capitalism and socialism; the concept of self-ownership; the concept of private property from original appropriation; how private firms can be organized; capitalism as a concept verse markets as a concept; and more.

AIER, Cost of Lockdowns: A Preliminary Report (28m) – Episode 427

Episode 427 has Skyler giving his commentary on a new report by the American Institute of Economic Research titled, “Cost of Lockdowns: A Preliminary Report”. It begins: “In the debate over coronavirus policy, there has been far too little focus on the costs of lockdowns. It’s very common for the proponents of these interventions to write articles and large studies without even mentioning the downsides. Here is a brief look at the cost of stringencies in the United States, and around the world, including stay-at-home orders, closings of business and schools, restrictions on gatherings, shutting of arts and sports, restrictions on medical services, and interventions in the freedom of movement.”

Baby Yoda Cancelled, Expanding “Stand Your Ground”, Black Market COVID, & Free Stadia Bundle (24m) – Episode 421

Episode 421 has Skyler giving his commentary on the following news stories: from, “Baby Yoda Canceled Amid Accusations of Genocide”; from, “DeSantis proposal could allow citizens to shoot, run over suspected rioters”; from, “A global black market for negative COVID-19 test results has emerged, with fakes starting around $200”; and from, “How to get a free Stadia Premiere Edition bundle ($100 value) if you have YouTube Premium” (Direct link).

Election Results, Government Failures, Antinatalism, & Parasitism (29m) – Episode 415

Episode 415 has Skyler giving his commentary on the following topics: the 2020 United States election results (thus far), local to national; why government failure is commonplace, should always be pointed out, and usually leads to government taking more power and resources from its constituents; the times, places, and circumstances in which antinatalism makes a lot of sense; how government is like a more or less clever and effective parasite on the body politic; and more.

The Price of Panic over COVID-19 (23m) – Episode 414

Episode 414 has Skyler giving his commentary on a new website he discovered called “The Price of Panic”. From their introduction: “The negative effects of lockdown are too often dismissed as small sacrifices, necessary to keep a highly deadly disease from spreading. These sacrifices are, in fact, neither necessary nor small, and the disease is only a threat to a minority of the population that can be protected without lockdowns. Sometimes, when major harms become hard to ignore, they are lamented as further damage caused by Covid, even though it is our panic-driven measures that are to blame. This is an effort to bring focus to the magnitude of suffering taking place around us because of lockdowns.”