Libertarian Social Desirability Bias

I often rail against Social Desirability Bias, our all-too-human tendency to lie when the truth sounds bad.  Critics occasionally treat my railing as thinly-veiled ideology: I dismiss non-libertarian rhetoric as “mere Social Desirability Bias,” while treating libertarian rhetoric as objective truth. To clear the air, then, let me bluntly state that most libertarian rhetoric is […]

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My Profound Understanding of Human Nature

Like Sullivan, I am well-aware aware that human beings routinely claim to place supreme value on culture, identity, community, and so on.  Unlike Sullivan, however, I refuse to take such hyperbolic claims at face value. Actions really do speak louder than words.  And the vast majority of people who claim to place supreme value on culture, identity, or community show otherwise with their deeds.

Crusades and You

Every five years or so, the United States has a major societal-wide crusade.  Sometimes there’s a shocking event.  Other times, there’s an ongoing evil.  Either way, all Americans are supposed to join forces and take decisive action to win the crusade.  And even if you can’t personally do anything, you’re supposed to get very angry.

Admissions versus Asians

Whenever I want a clear-cut example of latter-day racial discrimination, I point to elite universities’ treatment of Asians.  As far as I’m concerned, the evidence is overwhelming.  The denials are not only motivated reasoning, but desperate motivated reasoning. Still, this leaves me with a puzzle.  Do I really think that elite admissions officers wake up […]

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