It Isn’t Caesar’s Money; Taxation is Theft

Even if the money did originally belong to Caesar, once he trades it for a product or service it is no longer his, no matter whose picture is on it. If I paint a self-portrait and sell it for $10, the portrait no longer belongs to me. I can’t just go and take it and holler “Taxed!” and be in the right. It is no longer my property even if my picture is on it.

Editor’s Break 008 – Why Taxation is Theft (11m)

Editor’s Break 008 has Skyler answering the question, “Is taxation theft?” His answer is yes, and the reason is very simple. If you can’t prove with facts and evidence that someone owes you money, then they don’t owe you money, or any other consideration. This is as true for people calling themselves “government” as it is for everyone else.

Taxation Isn’t Only Theft, It’s Destruction

Where the state is, there also is the growth of the state. Why does a state’s scope enlarge? One theory is that interest groups seek to use the state’s taxing power for their own benefit. I would like to suggest a complementary theory. When the power to tax is conferred upon rulers, many harmful incentives necessarily are conveyed with it. These encourage the rulers to expand their destructive acts.

Building Alternative Institutions, Enforcing the NAP, Taxation, & Simple Libertarianism (26m) – Episode 452

Episode 452 has Skyler giving his commentary on the following questions from Quora: he starts the episode with a complaint against Quora for banning it’s most prolific author, Dennis Pratt; “How do Libertarians intend to implement/enforce the NAP?”; “Libertarians, what do you make of the argument that taxation isn’t theft because you are able to choose your representatives, so either choose ones that disagree with taxation as well or start your own political party?”; and “What is a simple explanation of libertarianism?”

What Taxation Means

There is certainly no shortage of libertarian types who will gladly tell why they believe that the practice of taxation amounts to robbery or extortion. Likewise for those who will tell you why they believe that the practice of taxation is good and necessary. Personally, I side with the former belief that the practice of taxation is illicit and criminal. But let’s look at it another way, shall we?