Taxation is Theft! So… Tax the Government?

Seriously though–

I would love to see government shrink to the point of non-existence in my lifetime. While I don’t see that happening (starting a “new country” that is anarchist, however, I do see happening) in my lifetime, I wouldn’t mind seeing government begin to tax itself. Maybe someone like Rand Paul, or Justin Amash could introduce a bill that taxed government on all revenue, all appropriations, all budgets, and then again on all expenditures.

How long would it take, do you think, for government to learn to be more efficient (it has no incentive to do so currently, after all), or at least learn to spend money with more discretion and purpose?

I’m not a fool. I don’t expect for a second for something like this to ever occur, even with Republicans controlling the house. It’s a statist game with statist players, after all. And the leviathan’s purpose and only goal is to grow and grow and grow. Never to shrink.

But I can dream, can’t I? Has to start somewhere, right?

Eh, well… I like the thought of “stealing” (it’s not, fundamentally) from the government.

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