Rodger’s Journey, the Free State Project, & Radical Unschooling (47m) – Episode 095

Episode 095 welcomes Rodger Paxton of The LAVA Flow to the podcast for a chat with Skyler. Topics include: Rodger’s podcast production company Pax Libertas Productions, mid-90s awareness of Ron Paul, Ayn Rand, the New Hampshire Free State Project, the importance of homeschooling to advancing liberty, Rodger’s experience with radical unschooling, the heavy costs of authoritarian parenting, drunk driving as a victimless crime, and more.

Chapter 4 – Radical Unschooling

Table of ContentsPrevious – Chapter 3, Schooling Chapter 4 – Radical Unschooling As shown in the previous chapter, schooling is an extremely poor practice for building a culture of liberty. Parents who’ve begun building that culture at home through attachment and peaceful discipline will find schooling to be a major counter-productive step in the socialization…

Building a Culture of Liberty IV: Radical Unschooling

Send him mail. “One Voluntaryist’s Perspective” is an original column appearing most Mondays at, by the founder and editor Skyler J. Collins. Archived columns can be found here. OVP-only RSS feed available here. Building a Culture of Liberty I: Definitions Building a Culture of Liberty II: Parenting Building a Culture of Liberty III: Schooling…

Introduction to Radical Unschooling

The following essays comprise Section Four of Everything Voluntary: From Politics to Parenting, a book compiled by the editor, Skyler J. Collins, and intended to introduce the educational philosophy called radical unschooling. The Trouble with Traditional School, by Gregory V. Diehl When schooling is passive and not incited by the curiosity of the students, it…

Radical Unschooling vs. Permissive Parenting

Editor’s Pick. Written by Dayna Martin. Over the years, Radical Unschooling has been mistaken for “permissive parenting,” and many judgments have been made about it based on this misbelief. The truth is, Radical Unschooling is an extension of Attachment Parenting philosophy and is a very hands-on, involved approach based on connection, rather than control. The…

Christian’s Journey, Future Unschooling Dad (1h10m) – Episode 091

Episode 091 welcomes Christian Vander Veur to the podcast for a chat with Skyler. Topics include: voluntaryist dating, Republican Mormon upbringing, post-mission blues, religion and atheistic agnosticism, the possibilities of an afterlife, his plans to unschool his future children, many of Skyler’s experiences with unschooling his kids, peaceful parenting, and more.

Episode 064 – Skyler Interviewed on the Living Joyfully Unschooling Podcast (48m)

Episode 064 features an interview of Skyler by Living Joyfully host Pam Laricchia from February 2016. They talk about his latest book, “Unschooling Dads: Twenty-two Testimonials on Their Unconventional Approach to Education,” and how Skyler and his family came to unschooling. is a fantastic resource and podcast on unschooling.