Art Carden’s “Ten Questions for Aspiring Revolutionaries” (37m) – Episode 380

Episode 380 has Skyler giving his commentary on Art Carden’s latest essay at titled, “So You Want to Overthrow the State: Ten Questions for Aspiring Revolutionaries”. The questions include, “Do I have the facts straight?”, “What makes me so sure I won’t replace the existing regime with something far worse?”, and “What will I do with people who aren’t willing to go along with my revolution?”

The Net Effect

We should learn from everything, from the diaper to the shroud, schooling is only a narrow part of that. Then pass it on to the next generation and the next, and the next if you have the chance. But the state is not really an educator, it is rather an indoctrinator. 

Gallup Poll: Homeschooling Rate Doubles as School Satisfaction Plummets

Results of a new Gallup poll released last week may give us the sharpest look yet at how the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted American education and what may lie ahead. According to the poll, parents’ overall satisfaction with their child’s education dropped 10 percent over last year, while at the same time the number of parents saying they will choose homeschooling doubled in 2020 to 10 percent.

Chris J. Returns, Social Conformity, Pandemic Schooling, & The Great Reset Initiative (58m) – Episode 365

Episode 365 welcomes back Chris Jenkins to chat with Skyler on the following topics: adventures in delivery work; social conformity in the pandemic era; divisiveness caused by government action; bypassing due process to punish people in Los Angeles; COVID-19 lawsuits against governments; schooling in the pandemic era; the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset Initiative”; qualified immunity in Federal verse State courts; and more.