Band-Aid Solutions Are Lame and Nature is the Answer

#metoo, #toxicmasculinity, #rapeculture, #violenceagainstwomen, #patriarchy, et cetera…

These topics are everywhere right now, we almost can’t avoid it. I see solutions being thrown out all the time:

Fire the men, hold them accountable, take away all the guns, mental healthcare reform, call the person out on social media, make the work place safe, march your heart out, et cetera, ad infinitum.

The problem with these solutions is that they simply offer a band-aid rather than getting at the root or the heart of where these problems originate. Which is basically how we do everything is our society, yea? We give out band-aid solutions because if we were to actually address the root cause of the issue, we would have to take a deep, hard look at the way we choose to live, how our culture operates, our beliefs we cling to, and ultimately we would have to change on a fundamental, collective, and individual level.

And change is terrifying to many people. It is nothing short of life or death to them. It is a complete disintegration of their ego. This life, this person, the circumstances and choices they so heavily identify with would have to be examined to the point of breakdown, and therefore, radically change.

The solutions and change I am suggesting would require us to look at how all the ways we deviate from our true nature are harming us on a cellular, physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual level.

Healing (true healing) requires we go back to living in accordance to our biology, and comprehend the laws of nature. I know that statement is triggering, given all the ways we so desperately want to outsmart and override our biology these days. But we simply can’t any longer if we want to heal as individuals and as a culture.

All of these perceived problems are actually a divine intelligence that is sending us messages in many forms that something is off and something isn’t right. The only thing “wrong” is that we have forgotten how to listen. These problems are the alarm bells of our bodies and souls that are telling us that something else is desperately needed and that we have deviated too far from who we are.

The violations that plague us don’t come out of thin air one day. It is the result of the culmination of traumas inflicted onto us from day one (and actually before, while we are still in the womb) of entering into a world that profits and runs off of others people’s trauma. We literally live and operate in a place that is rooted in trauma and carries out traumatizing rituals on its most vulnerable people. So long as we passively accept these cultural narratives and practices, we cannot and should not expect better from our society.

It starts from the beginning of life and it starts with us.

So… what do we need?

Physiological Birth

Somehow, somewhere we were sold the idea that birth is a medical event. Today, 90 something percent of women are abandoning their nature and undergoing a medicalized birth, leaving thousands and thousands (millions!) of women and babies traumatized every year. This is where it begins.

Medicalized birthing practices and the allopathic birthing system is the epitome of #patriarchy and subtle (but increasingly not so subtle) violence against women. It is internalized misogyny at its core.

It begins with a violent, forceful, against the will of the child, entrance into the world (artificial induction of labor), a body filled with synthetic drugs and hormones that interrupt the hormonal blueprint of birth and bonding that nature provides for mother and baby (epidurals, pitocin, etc), followed by the swift severance of the cord that connected them for 9 months that is still pulsating blood into the child’s body so that baby and mom can immediately be separated for further examination of the child. To name a few devastating events…

Throw in a woman submitting her birth experience to a man (or a system created and run by men), lying on her back, a hand up her vagina, unable to move, and being poked, prodded, fingered, and cut against her will and you have the biggest scam and act of daily, habitual violence against women ever committed in the history of humanity.

There’s a cultural function to essentially traumatizing the participants of birth, (both mother and baby) and that is to initiate the child and the mother into patriarchy, preparing them to take their place within a technocratic, capitalistic culture of dependency and consumption. -Yolande Clark

They told you your body couldn’t give birth? Well they fucking lied.


At 6 months of age, only about 40% of babies are being exclusively breastfed in America, and the numbers significantly decrease after 6 months, and even more drastically by one year. The world average weaning age is 4-6 years old.

As mammals, we come into this world expecting our biological needs to be met, and breastfeeding is one of them. A big one of them. Not a small one where we can simply just see if breastfeeding happens or not, and then move on. It’s something we should be fighting for, because the health and lives of our children depends on it. Over 800,000 lives could be saved every year if everyone (or most women) breastfed.

Breastfeeding contains antibodies that intelligently help fight viruses and bacteria, it lowers your baby’s risk of things like asthma and allergies, all the way to some cancers and common diseases we chronically see today. There are too many benefits of breastfeeding to name here. It absolutely cannot be replicated.

When a biological need isn’t met, the human will go into survival mode and fight for that need to be met. This is going to manifest and look differently for everyone, but sometimes violence is the extreme end of the spectrum when a human carries so much pain as a result of severance of their human bonding experience. Depression, anxiety, mental health problems are other possibilities. Sometimes, survival mode looks like shutting down and suppressing emotions. We live in a world full of humans carrying out these defense mechanisms.

We can no longer tout things like “fed is best” in order to keep peace and claim we have to support all women for all choices they make no matter what. Breastfeeding, like natural birth, is the biological norm, and all of our promotion and encouragement that deviates from the biological norm is actually disempowering women and a violation on humanity.

Whole, Intact Genitals

In America, when the majority of babies boys are born, one of their first experiences of life outside the womb is wrought with trauma, pain, violence, and sexual abuse. And then we are confounded when men express anger, violence, and inflict this same trauma and assault onto others.

This isn’t excusing men of their behavior, but we can no longer ignore the double standard and scratch our head in confusion of where this violence, entitlement and anger is rooted.

Men’s autonomy and full spectrum/functionality of their sexuality is violated and annihilated upon entering the world. It is not uncommon to act out what was done to us. (Whether it is conscious or not. We remember it on a cellular level.) If we want men to respect the bodies, sexuality and autonomy of women, then one big way we ensure that, is by giving them the same respect and opportunity. And we do that by not mutilating their genitals.

Establish and Maintain and Revere Bonding for All Humans

The biggest reflection of “profits over people” is evident by our lack of honor and understanding for the relationships being established when new life enters the world. We expect fathers to go back to work immediately, or never take off (cue the absent father epidemic), and mothers are expected to return to work shortly after, usually within 3 weeks to 3 months. Having a new baby and staying home to establish the bond with that baby doesn’t really do much for capitalism and the economy.

But not doing so is inflicting so much harm…

Capitalism (as we know it today) at its essence must ensure the separation of families and communities. It wouldn’t function with the daily maintenance of those relationships and lifestyles.

The separation of women from their babies to return to work isn’t liberating women. It’s an interruption and severance of a physiological bond and symbiotic relationship that is required for humans to thrive. It increases risk for postpartum depression and makes breastfeeding extremely difficult, if not impossible. It can be traumatizing for both mother and child, and our trauma wounds is where all this violence stems from. We cannot ignore our biology in favor of playing into the patriarchal, capitalistic agenda.

To Love Children, Not Hit Them

I am not going to go into too much detail here, because if this is not painfully and clearly obvious to you at this point, then I have little hope.

Hit people hit people. Hurt people hurt people. Violence begets violence. Children live what they learn. How you respond is how they respond. This isn’t rocket science, and in fact, the science is very clear that hitting (or “spanking” as we like to euphemize it) produces the same and similar outcomes in humans as physical violence; because it is, in fact, physical violence in every sense of the word.

If you wouldn’t hit your spouse, friend or dog, please, for the love of humanity, question why it is okay to hit a child. Look at the world, and tell me if more hitting and hurting one another is what we need.

Teach Girls about Their Bodies and How to Track Their Cycles

In a study done where young teen girls were taught fertility awareness and how to know their monthly cycles and stages, it showed that when women have this knowledge and power over their own body, they are more proactive in their health care, and less likely to oblige to peer pressure.

It unquestionably showed that these teen girls were more self-directed, confident and less depressed than those who took the pill and/or were not taught about their cycles, and menstruation.

The moral of this is, that when women hold this deep sense of knowing in their bodies and control of their fertility, they lead with more power and maturity, making them far less susceptible to outside influences and a false sense of outside authority figures around their health and sexuality.

Which leads me to…

Break Up with Allopathic Medicine

The revolution will not be pathologized. Like I mentioned above, healing cannot happen without comprehending and honoring the laws of nature. It’s a system fine for critical care, but fails in every way to maintain the vitality and spirit of our truest nature as human beings. It has successfully stripped medicine women and witches (all of us) of our intuition and self capable abilities to heal ourselves and our families.

We have been indoctrinated into the religion of western medicine. We must turn back to the plants, living food and water sources, and sunlight nature provided for us to thrive, as to not perpetuate our hostile, pained, depressed, ill, neurotic attitudes and behaviors that stem from being slighted by our given society.

We must recognize the cause of all disease (toxicity, inflammation, acidosis, trauma/emotional blocks), and seek holistic care for our bodies and souls. Which ultimately requires an unshakable trust in nature. Which is an unshakable trust in yourself. A trust that this system we currently live under actively attempts to break down by instilling a lot of fear.

Taking this back from the ultimate patriarchal authority, is the ultimate reclamation of our autonomy and control over our own being. It is the deepest display of personal integrity.


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