Five Reasons to Consider Homeschooling Your Child

Why are a majority of parents choosing to homeschool their children today? Research has shown that the number has doubled over the last ten years. In any case, if the trend continues, which it should, the number of students studying from home in 2018 will be more than 2 million.

With such impressive numbers, homeschooling should not be overlooked. Besides, although it’s different, it’s still growing in popularity. In this article, we will look at some of the reasons why we need to ‘welcome’ homeschooling!

1. It’s a Change from the Otherwise Negative School Environment

According to the National Household Education Survey, parents are just not comfortable with the negative learning environment in public schools. They are concerned about child bullying. Of course, it’s not something that is recorded in their student’s report cards, and it mostly goes unnoticed.

Teachers and bullying victims will not report cases like the stealing of food or money, physical harm or continuous use of abusive language. So, as a parent, once you know that your child has been beaten up, what should you do? Keeping in mind the physical and psychological torment that it brings.

In the end, homeschooling becomes your best option. You’ll even notice significant improvements not only in their academics but also in their happiness. Also, as you remove bullies from their lives, you improve their social experiences.

2. High Quality Education

According to most parents, learning in our public schools has declined. They say that this is because of factors like common core, state education budgets and increased student enrollments. “There’s dissatisfaction with academic instruction,” this is according to reports from the NHS report.

Homeschooling even gives parents good control of what their children are learning. A majority of parents feel that the current school curriculum is not offering students enough resources. Recently, a college and career readiness report showed some shocking findings. It found that almost half of high school students don’t feel ready for college, at least academically.

Other reports show that various college professors believe that the students joining college today are just not ready. Interestingly, the number has even increased from 14% to 28% within the last ten years. Of course, such loss in confidence is because of a few reasons.

For instance, the crowded classrooms have fewer resources making it hard for teachers to offer one-on-one teaching sessions. However, with homeschooling, you can approve the curriculum that your child is learning and offer self-directed instruction. You can even provide additional lessons to supplement your child’s learning.

Lastly, it’s also proven that most homeschooled students perform better on federal and state tests as compared to their schooled counterparts. It’s shocking to know that a good number of them score 15% to 30% points more than the public school students.

3. Perfect for Disabled Children

Are you raising a ‘special’ child? If you are, then you’re aware of the tough time that they go through while in school. Because of limited time and resources, it’s difficult for a number of these children to get the specific guidelines they need for learning.

However, with homeschooling, you can use a suitable curriculum for children with learning difficulties. Such an approach provides you with additional specialized education tools to give your child a comfortable learning experience.

Another homeschooling benefit is that it does not get rid of all public school learning resources. So, you can still take your child through services such as dyslexia, therapy, remedial classes, physical handicaps, music and even art. Through this, you give them the best of both worlds!

4. Educates Children Once They Visit Other Countries Or States!

According to census data, most people moving to other countries are young families. The research even shows that these are families where the primary breadwinner holds a military or diplomatic position within the government. Therefore, in most cases, they’ll have to travel to different corners of the world.

With such movements, consistent education becomes a considerable challenge. However, with homeschooling, there’s more flexibility. So, you can teach your students to write the best research paper topics or handle a science project from almost any location. This method makes sure that it gets rid of all unnecessary interruptions.

Besides, the lessons that they’ll get follow the national educational guidelines and curriculum. It further ensures that they follow all the learning steps despite their constant travels.

5. Improved Personal Relationship with Your Child

How many hours do you spend with your child? Well, probably not as much as you would like. This lack of time is one of the reasons why most parents rejoice in seeing their sons and daughters return home in the evening. And although this may sound a bit too affectionate, it’s because they missed their company during the day.

Of course, there are still parents who love having a somewhat distant relationship with their children. If you’re such a parent, then homeschooling is not for you. But for those who enjoy the fun and exciting feeling of having their kid around, then homeschooling is a perfect option.

In the past, children used to stay with their parents until marriage. But even after tying the knot, they’ll build and live just near their parents. Although the world is changing from such practices, don’t we still need our children? Keep in mind that the longer they stay in school, the more they drift further from us.

Here, the bonds you had as they were growing up start to dissolve quickly. By the time they reach middle school, you’ll realize that your children relate better to their friends or teachers as compared to you. So, you need to create close relationships with your child and remember that it’s not always about their test scores. With homeschooling, you’ll enjoy enough time with your child and learn more about him or her outside the classroom setting.

Taking your child to school at the age of five is not always easy. Shedding a tear or two in the process is normal. During the day, you’ll miss their clumsiness and playful nature. Besides, you’ll also get worried about their safety while in school. Luckily, homeschooling is a successful method of education that’s proven to deliver fruitful results.

Although public schools are essential learning institutions, sadly, they may not give your child the type of learning that he or she deserves. Therefore, instead of watching as they suffer while in school, these five reasons will provide you with the assurance you need to homeschool your child!

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