Kelly Halldorson: Unschooling Liberty (1h1m)

This episode features a talk by unschooling mom Kelly Halldorson from 2013. She and her family of eight (2 parents, 3 teens, 3 dogs) travel(ed) full-time in a converted school bus known as “The Unschool Bus.” Kelly and her family live, learn, write, make music and art, play, and advocate for liberty from their roving home. They are Ron Paul supporters and passionate advocates for outside-the-system, alternative education methods known as “unschooling.”

Parental Ignorance, Shouting, Promises, & Legalize Unschooling? (34m) – Episode 329

Episode 329 has Skyler giving his commentary on the following questions from Quora: “How do I teach parents that they are not always right?”; “Do parents shout because they’re immature, angry, or just for intimidation?”; “Why does my dad make promises that he never keeps?”; and “Should unschooling be legal?”

Unschooling: Reclaiming the Term

I appreciate what the term “unschooling” now means for many families, particularly for the homeschooling families who navigate the many educational philosophies and approaches available to them in search of the best fit. I also think it is worthwhile to reclaim the term’s origins and dig deeper into Holt’s initial message–not because we should change how we currently use the language of unschooling, but so that we can expand it.

An Unschooling Tale: From Watching YouTube to Reading Financial Statements

Were you voluntarily reading financial statements at age nine? I certainly wasn’t. And I’m fairly certain that the first time I read one was to prepare for a test, not because I was personally curious about an organization’s economic health.