Parental Ignorance, Shouting, Promises, & Legalize Unschooling? (34m) – Episode 329

Episode 329 has Skyler giving his commentary on the following questions from Quora: “How do I teach parents that they are not always right?”; “Do parents shout because they’re immature, angry, or just for intimidation?”; “Why does my dad make promises that he never keeps?”; and “Should unschooling be legal?”

Unschooling: Reclaiming the Term

I appreciate what the term “unschooling” now means for many families, particularly for the homeschooling families who navigate the many educational philosophies and approaches available to them in search of the best fit. I also think it is worthwhile to reclaim the term’s origins and dig deeper into Holt’s initial message–not because we should change how we currently use the language of unschooling, but so that we can expand it.

An Unschooling Tale: From Watching YouTube to Reading Financial Statements

Were you voluntarily reading financial statements at age nine? I certainly wasn’t. And I’m fairly certain that the first time I read one was to prepare for a test, not because I was personally curious about an organization’s economic health.

Unschooling Has No “Last Day”

For unschoolers, learning is woven into the continuous, year-round, natural process of living. It is not separated into certain subject silos or reserved for a specified number of hours or days. It is not orchestrated by a linear, sequential curriculum determining how, when, and in what ways a human will learn. It is not pre-determined. It is not forced.

Unschooling is not ‘Lord of the Flies’

In the book, the absence of adults to model and nurture responsibility is palpably felt. Adults matter to children. They guide, protect, tend, reassure, and mediate. The lack of calm, care, and stability that adults offer children is what ultimately triggers the boys’ downfall. Of course, the great lesson from this great book is that it isn’t just children who would descend into brutality when calm, care, and stability are missing; it’s all of us.

Gay Offspring, Libertarian Regulation, Universality of Unschooling, & Economic Law (27m) – Editor’s Break 080

Editor’s Break 080 has Skyler giving his commentary on the following topics: how to handle one of your children coming out as gay; what sorts of regulations libertarian advocate for; why unschooling is for everyone so long as they want it to be; the harsh truth of economic law; and more.

Violence, Aggression, Gun Control, Talking Back, & Unschooling as Abuse (30m) – Editor’s Break 077

Editor’s Break 077 has Skyler giving his commentary on the following topics: are libertarians opposed to violence?; what he hates the most: aggression; why state gun control in any degree is a violation of the right to bear arms; whether or not children have a right to “talk back” to their parents, and the importance in doing so; why he unschools to hide his “abuse” of his children; and more.