Nope, I Am Not a Doctor… And That’s Kind of the Point.

Disclaimer: I am not (completely) anti-doctor. I am anti-mainstream medical establishment. I am anti-corruption and greed that keep people sick and dependent on the system. I am pro-health and personal empowerment. I do not think all doctors are bad people. I truly believe in my heart that most go into the field with good hopes and intentions.

Today, I passionately want to address something that has been swirling around in my head for some time, but just lately had a few experiences happen that inspired me to finally put it all on (digital) paper.

As many of you might know, my ambition is in radical health freedom. For everyone, but I tend to and love focusing on women and women’s health. As a mother, educator, and future midwife this shows up often in speaking out about evidence-based, biological birth, and how we can heal our bodies, from menstrual pains to when our kids have the flu and all the things in between and beyond.

There is nothing that brings me more fulfillment and joy than the idea of coming back to our truest, cellular, DNA-imprinted nature in a world where so many of the odds are stacked up against that very reality.

But there is also a huge problem I come up against as a mother promoting all things health and biological living….

I’m not a doctor. 

Not only am I not a doctor, but apparently, according to many folks, I shouldn’t even be wasting my time and breath trying to educate the masses and shift these paradigms because I don’t have that piece of paper hanging on my wall.

Some things I have heard about myself or about other women like me are:

“Where did you get your degree? Google University?”

“It’s a society full of Doctor Googles.”

“Do you have a degree in XYZ? No? Then leave it to the ones who actually studied this stuff and have a degree.”

“I’ll trust my doctor over anyone who doesn’t have a degree.”

“What are your credentials to speak on this topic?”

Basically, we shame women and mothers who take it upon themselves to learn and seek out information. We mock and belittle those who do not blindly follow and trust the words and recommendations of a doctor (Sorry, someone with a degree, which is apparently synonymous with, “Ultimate-Truth-No-Matter-What-End-of-Story.”)

I want to make my objective loud and clear:

I am not a doctor, and that is kind of the point. I do not want to be a doctor, or have their job or be a part of that system. What I strive for and my goals are not the same as a doctor’s.

Asking me if I am a doctor when I speak about natural birth, for example, is not much different than asking me if I am a plumber when you see me working on my car. It is two different fields with two different objectives.

My objective is to support the natural body. To trust it. To heal it when it needs healing. When I say healing, I mean on a deep, cellular level. My goal is to see women (and myself!) be fully embodied and thrive. To feel as good as they are intended to feel.

This is not the job of a doctor. This is not what a doctor goes to school for. Doctors operate with a completely different set of beliefs that makes the basis at which they make decsions from completely different than mine and so many of the women I know.

A doctor learns how to diagnose a disease or illness (aka, give a label to the imbalance in your body). A doctor learns how to prescribe a synthetic drug (or a concoction of them) that merely suppress the symptoms and imbalance taking place in your body. A doctor has to follow a script. He or she regurgitates the information they learned from their traditional education that was very likely subsidized by special interest, big pharmaceutical companies. A doctor has likely never seen a biologically normal birth. They go to school to learn how to fix, intervene on, tamper with, and “do something” when it comes to birth. They only know how to medicalize a non-medical situation. There is nothing for them “to do” in normal birth, because birth is the woman’s work.

My friend wrote an article recently on a very similar topic and she stated:

If anything, I am even more skeptical of people who cling so tightly to their credentials because credentials almost always require indoctrination.

Indoctrination is the process of teaching a person or group to accept a set of beliefs uncritically.

When you go to medical school — or any mainstream school, really — you learn a big chunk of information and then you have to pass tests to prove that you’ve memorized that information and have accepted it as truth. They tell you what to believe, you believe it, and then you win the prize: A degree and the opportunity to “help people”.

There’s only one rule: You must stick to the script.

The most tragic belief in this whole discussion is the absolutely absurd notion that we cannot educate ourselves, and that learning cannot happen outside of the traditional, compulsory schooling system. This mindset that women and mothers cannot possibly know because they aren’t doctors is frankly, quite disgusting, patriarchal, and ultimately disempowering.

What I do not understand about wanting to mock Google research is that those who do it say it as if Google is a singular, disreputable source. Like the same way one might mock someone for using Snopes as a source.

But Google is not that. Google is a search engine that contains ALL THE SOURCES. Google contains all the information that you could ever want to know and all the information you don’t know, and all the information you didn’t know you didn’t know…

Everything at “Google University” can also be found in the textbooks at Stanford University or Harvard University. Through Google, one can find everything your doctor learned in medical school, and everything he or she did not.

This is what is so great about our world today. We can take our education and learning into our own hands. If you believe that someone can know your body and your health better than you can just because you didn’t go to college, you are doing a huge disservice to yourself. Between the internet, the library, and simply learning self-awareness and cultivating our lost sense of intuition, (something we give zero value to in our patriarchal society dominated by charts, measurements, and labels) you can empower yourself to a type of freedom you might have not known was possible.

Take it from someone who hasn’t seen a doctor in almost a decade (including throughout my entire pregnancy and postpartum periods), and is far healthier now than I ever was as a child/teen/young adult (when I saw doctors all the time).

Sure, there is absolutely bad research, and how you learn and dissect information is important. I wouldn’t recommend clicking on the first article that pops up in a Google search and take that on as the truth. To be honest, I actually let my hunches and intuition lead more than anything. I know some people will totally ridicule that notion, but like I mentioned above, it’s actually very skillful in this day in age to think for ones self rather than simply go with the herd.

So, I let my intuition lead, and then I seek out professionals, studies, and the experiences of others to test my beliefs. I read books on the topic and then incorporate it into my own life (talk about research) to see how it works/feels.

Here is the thing:

Whatever we are doing now within the medical system IS NOT WORKING.

Medical errors are the 3rd leading cause of death in America, killing more people every year than breast cancer, colon cancer, and AIDS…combined. I would actually argue that many of the deaths that fall under the “cancer” category are more likely to be medical errors or caused by big medicine, but I digress…

You will see us marching in the streets for cancer and raising money for AIDS. You will see the outrage and concern for things like heart disease and diabetes..

But the moment a mother chooses to question and opt out of the system that is responsible for being the third leading cause of death she is a “know-it-all,” and causing harm by spreading “dangerous” information.

Let’s take a step back and see where the real danger is.

The moment a mother stands her ground and takes her birth into her own hands (where it should always be)- refusing the system that has one of the highest mother/infant mortality rates of all the developed nations- she is called “irresponsible,” and accused of putting her baby in harms way.

Nevermind that well over 11,000 newborns die at the hands of doctors every year. Forget that two women die in child birth every single day in the U.S..

It is true that people die no matter what. The problem is when people die unnecessarily die due to negligence and poor, outdated medical practices. The problem is people dying because they trusted without question someone else in regard to their life.

Oddly, Doctors are granted a pass since we have dangerously deitized them. We don’t hold them accountable or the system accountable because we have been wrongly conditioned to believe it is optimal, when in reality it is far from it. If you believe that our current health system is best and good for people, my friend, your standard is depressingly low.

If someone dies in the hands of God then it was meant to be, right? Maybe, but we have to first admit that doctors are not God. They are people just like you and me who went to a school where the medical facilities and departments are funded by big pharma (legit true).

If there is anything that I want you to take from this, it is the understanding that the medical system is a huge business that literally will fall and crumble if YOU (us) are not sick. The entire industry of maternity would no longer exist if women believed the simple fact that our bodies were made to give birth and that it is not a medical event.

(I am not interested in hearing about how doctors saved you or your baby’s life. 9 times out of 10 that I hear this, the doctors and medical industry created the problem they had to “save” anyway.)

One Spanish doctor said that in the 25-30 years he had been a doctor, success and survival rates haven’t changed or progressed a bit. The only thing that has changed is that the drugs are nearly 2-3 times more expensive as they were that long ago. They give old drugs new names all the time when the patent runs out and sell it for more money. BIG BUSINESS DOESN’T CARE ABOUT YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE.

So again, no, I am not a doctor. Thanks be to the Gods and Goddesses. I want no part of that corrupt system. A system that ruins your brain and gut and makes super bugs with the over use of anti-biotics. The system that has brainwashed women into believing their bodies are broken and birth is dangerous and dehumanizes every pregnant woman that walks through their door. The system that steals uteruses for no reason. I could go on.

I have learned a thing or two from Google (aka the world wide web) and I am proud of it. I have also combined my learning with books, and journals, and even Doctors who I trust that are making changes in the way we view health and medicine. I even have a certification in Gynecological Teaching from…dun dun dunnn…a university! So go ahead, mock me. Call me dumb or irresponsible. The proof is in my earthy pudding and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

There’s a certain type of person who decides to go to medical school. And there are exceptions, but generally the kind of person in high school who decides they’re going to be a doctor is a very well-intentioned, studious, do what you’re told, do your homework, show up on time, brush your teeth, comb your hair…you know, iron your pants, matching socks kind of person. Organized…ambitious.

— They’re admirable people is what I’m saying. They’re decent, kind people who work really really hard and they’re motivated by alleviating suffering. Which, is about one of the most decent motivations one can have.

The problem with this is that they’re obedient. They are people who listen to the teacher and believe what the teacher says. They’re not…rebels. They’re not…heretics. They’re not people who say, “Fuck this. This is bullshit!” They don’t ask those questions… – Christopher Ryan PhD, author of Sex at Dawn

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