Hey Tough Guy, I Call BS; They Will Take Your Guns from Warm Compliant Hands

For many years I have heard the tired old comments about government agents prying guns from cold dead hands. I recall a man with 300 partners on a mountain pass once said something similar, but he demonstrated through his actions that he actually meant it. I don’t think YOU really mean it. Your contemporary bravado is fine if we accept it for what it is. In truth, are YOU really THAT resolute & tough?

Most gun owners in the US are only willing to put forth minimal effort to keep their guns. Most of us spend less than a tenth of 1% of our income each year making donations to the the progressive gun organization, NRA, to “fight” for our gun rights. Most of us find the GOA to be somewhat distasteful because of their distaste for bribery lobbying and their choice to act as a stick rather than a carrot. Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership? Too radical.

In many places in the US, THEY have taken guns away from people over the years. Typically, there is a lot of paperwork and at the scene you rarely see any cold dead hands. A primary method THEY use is propaganda. We can all agree that felons should not have guns, right? We can all agree that wife-beaters should not have guns, right? We can all agree that those that are mentally ill should not have guns, right? Who needs bump stocks anyway, right?

What about Muslims, didn’t THEY blow up stuff and don’t they hate my freedom because I have a big screen TV? Maybe they should not have guns. What about Christians? Their Bible is filled with violence and of course look at the Crusades, do we really want THOSE FOLKS armed? What about the Jews? Hitler clearly documented that they were a mentally ill bunch of folks, also as I recall, I was supposed to be afraid of them because of their control of the media or banks or something?   Do we want the mentally ill to have guns?

The above paragraph is clearly rife with inflammatory thoughts combined with the generous insinuation of the slippery slope fallacy. I wrote it to stimulate your thought. I hope that by this time in your life the intelligent reader has come to the awareness that the US government in the 21st century is not unlike any other government at any other time. They are willing to kill for money, turf, retaliation, religious grudges etc. They have a great PR campaign in which they get their subjects to use their own money that is left over after stealing taxing to buy government flags to wave in support of the government’s actions.

Most gun owners in the US love their government warriors and they love their police. They love their FBI and many are relieved that, as frustrating as airport security is, it has prevented the thousands of well-planned and well-funded huge attacks that must “most certainly” have been planned. Trumiden and crew are going to save us from bump stocks and 30 round clip magazines, and is giving up some freedom and privacy really too big of a price to pay for our security? Should not these peaceful and benevolent people who have access to interwebs information (they can’t tell us about) be trusted to do what is necessary to keep us safe? Don’t we sleep well at night because the government’s police and military guard us?

Speaking of which, who is it that you would get into a gun battle with that would result in having your gun taken from your cold dead hands? It will be the nice School Resource Officer who your kids love and get candy from. It will be the soldier who you wave a government flag toward while he walks by during parades. These folks are just doing their jobs, right? They are “heroes” are they not? You wouldn’t shoot a hero that is “legally” just doing their job, would you? I have many friends from my days as a cop that are still working at the cop shop, and I would not want to shoot them!

I hear people say, “If they try to take our guns, it would start a revolution.” Nope, I don’t buy it. BS. “They” tap our phones, torture people, jail people, kill people and steal from people. Is there revolt? Nope, after all, that might trigger an IRS audit. That might make our neighbor the friendly government employee uncomfortable, and he is a good guy who is “just doing his job.” If we say no to authority then we might not get to live in our own comfortable house with the big screen the moose-lamb terraces hate so much.

Warm Compliant HandsThey HAVE tried “taking guns away” and human beings not unlike us have relinquished their guns without much of a fight. A Beverly Hills housewife that is being stalked cannot easily buy and carry a gun. Does her wealthy and powerful husband raise a fuss? Nope. We will do the same. Were the folks in Chicago, California, New York and New Jersey really made of such different stuff than “us.” No.

How will THEY do it? They already are. Those calling themselves “government” are already well into the process. To control a group (320 million of them) that is in fact much more powerful than the “controllers” a great deal of propaganda must be used. False flag operations must be implemented. Done & done. Consider the NRA, who many consider to the loudest voice in gun rights. They do not argue principals, they argue degrees.

What I mean by this is that the NRA does not fight for the principal that all humans should not be bothered by government if they choose to have firearms. They agree with Diane Feinstein, Romney, Hitler, Trump, Biden and Mao that in principal it is acceptable for governments to control who owns guns and what kinds of guns they may own. They simply disagree about firearms types, magazine capacities, locations and demographics. These are “fine points” and are open to debate and compromise.

The above distinction is a big deal, because it lays a foundation on which rulers can build. Now the ruler’s job is easy, they must simply implement their preferences on people that have accepted the false dichotomy Feinstein and the NRA seem to present.

There are other propaganda successes those wanting us to believe they are in control have claimed, including these:

“Who really needs a _ _ _ _ _ _ like that?” When has their “need” ever been a moral precedent to leaving another person’s property alone? Fill in the blanks above with other examples, “Who really needs a book like that? Who really needs a retirement account like that? This is simply a bad question.

Mental Health. The belief in drapetomania, commonality of wife beating or witch-killing are good examples. These recent historical circumstances came about because of poor thinking. We can’t use flowery words to dismiss them, “Those were different times.” Today, a person who is asked by the IRS, “How much money did you make last year, we plan to take 30% of it from you, so tell us how much” and responds with a self-protection falsehood as they would if asked to hand over their wallet by a thug in a back ally, “Sorry, I left my wallet at home” is labeled a felon.

Most people and sheep are foolish enough to accept this is “just how things are.” After all, these newly labeled “felons” are the tip of the iceberg of people that resist government force. These are the people that would risk it all to stand up for what is right.

In a brilliant twist, the folks with “authority” then proclaim that a “felon” is not allowed to own a gun. They convince us to agree about that, and give examples of “felons” as child murderers, rapists and dark-skinned “gang” members. Of course THOSE people should not have guns, right?

Have you seen local “2nd Amendment Enthusiasts” putting on a demonstration demanding that tax-“cheat”-felons be allowed to have guns? Do they argue that those with “mental health” issues be allowed to have guns? Nope, they have fallen for the propaganda and believe as strongly as Feinstein in gun control, they differ only in gun types and who should be effected.

Let’s take a look at me. I am a normal middle-aged guy, a small business owner who works 80+ hour weeks for much of the year, am married with children and grandchildren. I live under an HOA, I pay my full “fair share” of taxes, including business, personal, vehicle, income, property and all the others. I obey closely the rules that are put upon me by my masters, and don’t even consider bending them.

Imagine the harm to my business if I was even “investigated” and the results were that I did NOT do everything perfectly according to my masters. The newspaper headlines would communicate to people that I and our business were “investigated” by the feds, and of course those that are “investigated” are bad. I could not afford that PR damage to my business, so I lower my head, smile, giggle, obey and thank “massa for dem sorghums what I was treated to” last Sunday, “dem shore was good.” I don’t have it as bad as a southern slave 175 years ago, but all of us are experiencing a taste of having to pretend to like our masters lest they choose us as their target.

So, yes, I am calling you out. Don’t insult my intelligence by saying that you are allowing the government to do everything else you don’t like, but that guns would be your tipping point. I call BS. If you didn’t “do anything” when they taxed you, drafted you, legislated your vehicle’s manufacturer, fought wars with which you didn’t agree with your sons and daughter’s lives, required building permits, zoned your businesses away, took away your free market system, ruined your health care system, bailed out their wealthy pals, forced you to wear a breath restrictor during a virus panic, ruined the health care system and all other sorts of evilness; I predict you won’t “do anything” when they incrementally legislate your guns away from your warm compliant hands.

“Show me someone who is wearing a face covering, and I will show you someone who will easily give up their guns. Are you trying to tell me you will give up your right to breath, but not to have your AR?”

I understand that there are a few exceptions, I have three friends who have done jail/prison time while standing up for what they felt was right. Only three. I know a handful of others that, unlike me, would indeed “fight for their rights.”

Consider what it would mean to “stand up.” Look at others that have “stood up” with arms against the government. I will give a couple examples, and while I have many disagreements with these folk’s philosophies and some of their actions, let’s see what lessons can be learned. That wacko guy in Idaho on Ruby Ridge who committed a petty gun violation, that wacko preacher Koresh in Waco who violated some gun law, that wacko cop Dorner in LA that tried to work within the system until it failed him, then went on a retaliation spree, that wacko guy Levoy in Oregon on January 26, 2016 and that wacko Stack in Texas who flew his plane into the IRS building where there were poor little children in a day care center.

What lessons can a would-be resister of tyranny learn? One is that your actions would be labeled as “wacko” and so would you. Remember that speeding ticket years ago and the parking ticket that one time. You are a chronic law-breaker, aren’t you? Have you ever used Google to search for something that you would not want your neighbors to know you were looking at? While the conspiracy theorists might claim that the US still has an active PSYOP campaign even now that the cold war is over, you and I know that to agree with that ridiculous claim, we would be wackos.

About 250 years ago 70 delegates were appointed to the US Constitutional Convention, but only 55 attended, and only 39 actually signed the post-it note saying, “don’t grow” that was slapped on the cancer called government. Most who did not sign used excuses as to why they did not, and many of those who did sign did not fully support the document. Patrick Henry refused to sign to ratify the US Constitution because he correctly foresaw how it would in time be used to trample on individual and state’s rights. He said it outright, can you imagine the nerve? What a wacko!

I think it would be a glorious day indeed if even 1% of the readers of this article prove my premise wrong. It would be a glorious day if more of us had Patrick Henry’s or Carl Watner’s resolve. It would be wonderful if we had such an unwavering devotion to our morality and to humanity that we would stand up, and the consequences be damned. If enough of us had that level of bravery, we would not even need to defend ourselves with violence.

Sadly, I think most of the “gun rights” bravado is simply posturing, and will not be backed up with action. I know that so long as I choose to live and enjoy time my wife, daughter and grandchildren, I will kowtow and hand over the guns, books or other “terroristic” items that are demanded. My Guns, Like Yours, Will be Removed From Warm Compliant Hands. We are cowards.

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Humanitarian activist Shepard is a husband, father and grandfather. He is a successful entrepreneur and enjoys helping others learn about voluntaryism, free-market capitalism and general personal development. An author, publisherradio show hostYouTuber and connector of movers and shakers of like minds, he names libertarians who most influenced him as Karl Hess, Murray Rothbard, Carl Watner and Larken Rose.