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Similar to a mutual aid or benefit society, a Freedom Cell is a network of individuals who share a common understanding of the requirements to bring about a free society. The purpose is to work together and bring those requirements into reality in their own lives and the communities in which they live.

From the Freedom Cell Network:

“Freedom Cells are peer to peer groups organizing themselves in a decentralized manner with the collective goal of asserting the sovereignty of group members through peaceful resistance and the creation of alternative institutions.”

The concept of a Freedom Cell is something I’ve been planning and starting to create in my local area, Salt Lake City, UT. 

I’m reaching out with the Truth, Freedom, Prosperity – Salt Lake City (TFP SLC) to establish a core network of individuals. I’ll touch on some concepts here which I feel can act as a strong foothold to bring this forward.

If you’re interested in joining the TFP -SLC, contact me here to get started. Even if you will be starting your own freedom cell, we can still work together in the Salt Lake Freedom Hive which can be used as a central hub for the local freedom cells to collaborate when necessary.

If you are in the local area and have ongoing projects or future projects which are related to the activities of the Salt Lake Freedom Hive, please contact me and we can start to organize.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
― R. Buckminster Fuller

My personal interest in this concept has lead me to this point. To the point of having a launch pad for which I can start to see some of these concepts manifest themselves in my life and the community around me.

However, this is not a rally cry to convert the masses to “our movement” or start a meetup group to protest at capitol hill once a year. Far from being a social club, the Freedom Cell concept is for individuals who have already gone through the process of freeing themselves mentally from the controls of the state. Seeking to incorporate real world solutions which I’ll help to identify in this article.

To decentralize down to the individual level. The aim of the Freedom Cell is to empower individuals and provide support for this newly found freedom.

The goal is to make the state irrelevant. Ultimately, we can prove that voluntary exchange among consenting individuals is superior to the force of the state.

I’ll be honest, working in groups, especially large groups, makes me cringe. I prefer to work alone and find that autodidactism is the most empowering way of learning and taking on new projects in life.

However, there are structures of working groups that I do see as valuable. Small groups, very small, under ten people preferably. If the freedom cell grows beyond this, it can then divide and spawn a new group. These groups can work together when necessary, but in order to keep the groups small, they can continue dividing as necessary.

Bob Podolsky, a founding member of Titania, a “non hierarchical society dedicated to peace, love and truth; through ethics and creativity and utilizing the organizational principles” promotes this small groups concept.

The concept Bob and his team uses is an Octolog (a group of 8) in a decentralized structure, a Holomat (holotropic matrix). This way of organizing is decentralized, non-hierarchical, completely voluntary and has no leader or someone with more control or power than anyone else in the structure.

Check out this interview with Bob by Jeff Berwick: Anarchast Ep.239 Bob Podolsky: Ethics and the Titania Project!

Find more here on Octologues and Holomats here. I’ve listed some explanation below:

An Octologue is a small group of people (typically 8) who have undertaken to act together on a voluntary basis for the pursuit of an ethical purpose. Such a group makes unanimous decisions and also acts as a mutual feedback hub, whereby the members share their perceptions of one another in a very personal and intimate manner.

A HoloMat (generic term) is a group of Octologues joined by an ethical contract to serve a shared purpose. A HoloMat may consist of any number of Octologues.

The HOLOMAT is an online hub and resource center for many HoloMats to communicate with one another and to coordinate related activities for mutual advantage. When built, the HOLOMAT website/application will facilitate many kinds of interactions between individuals, Octologues, and HoloMats, and will provide for a wide range of memberships tailored to the needs of the individual or group. It will also act as a mechanism whereby individuals and groups will be able to find one another – e.g. Octologues seeking people with particular skills, or people looking for Octologues having specific purposes.

If we are to succeed in decentralizing down to the individual, this way of building the foundation of the structure is absolutely required. We cannot build societies based on the violence and slavery of the state and expect not to get violence and slavery in return. Only individuals who understands their rights and their sovereignty can create free society.

Within these small cells, basic skills for working in this type of structure can be shared amongst individuals. We will be archiving this information here in the Freedom Hive along the way. We will document our journey and struggles with this projects and help to empower future freedom minded individuals. We can blaze the pathway for new generations to have a stronger foothold to climb the mountain towards a free society.

I would like to get 8 to 10 members together all working on projects that the groups agrees to. Once more people come along to join us, we will encourage them to start their own Freedom Cell and we will collaborate when necessary.

This keeps the groups small and focused rather than bloated and confused. If the cells need to work together on larger goals, then they can do so when necessary. Otherwise, weekly or monthly meetings should be held only by the core 8-10 members to focus on next steps in projects and future goals.

The Salt Lake Freedom Hive plans to begin working with other members on these concepts. I’m excited for this next chapter in my own journey towards more personal freedom.

A few examples of upcoming projects at TFP – SLC:

  • Used in case of particular emergencies
  • Skill sharing
  • Unschooling meetup and support network’s
  • Food Storage awareness and preparation
  • Encrypted Communication
  • Acquiring Land to purpose for large scale projects
  • Building Agoras to bring truly free markets to our local communities
  • Defense, Self-Defense training and preparation
  • Legal Defense guidance and education
  • Aid, providing resources to the community and individuals within who are in need of assistance
  • Black Market / Grey Market, Private Transactions, Alternative Currency (Cryptocurrency, community dollars, etc) use and promotion
  • Organizing for Medical Freedom in our local area.
  • Personal and Community Gardening, Permaculture Techniques. It’s almost time to start planting those vegetable seeds indoors to prepare for the growing season here in Utah!
  • More to come…..

I plan to document this journey the Freedom Hive blog, so stay tuned for upcoming posts, videos, photos and blog posts on our progress.

Resources for an Introduction into Freedom Cells and/or Free Societies:

There are many more resources available. I just wanted to start with that short list. This site will eventually be host to many resources in this vein and we always encourage you to do your own research and come to your own conclusions.

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  • Join us in the Freedom Cell Network if you’re in the Local Area.
  • I am currently seeking members to help with the website and contribute content. Let me know if you are interested.

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Tyler Bloyer is the host of the Liberty Lifestyle podcast and founder of the Salt Lake Freedom Hive. Contact Tyler by visiting