Wilson’s Government “Job”

He had been stopped by a cop at some point, and ticketed for something. Probably “driving without a license”, but I’m not certain of that (I do know he never had a driver’s license as long as I knew him). Part of his “fine” was community “service” at the recycling center– I think he was there for a couple of months. (I met him during his stint at the recycling center.)

With Wilson in the Wilderness

I’ve mentioned the business “Wilson” had which was shut down by government meddling. Well, due to our similar interests in that area he and I used to hike in the wilderness area outside of town. He wore a camo army jacket with cargo pants and army boots and I wore my buckskin clothes and mocassins– in other words, I didn’t dress any differently than normal for the hike, although I did carry extra gear.

Wilson’s Dan Wesson Revolver

“Wilson” was accused by a guy he knew of being involved with the guy’s wife. The guy came to Wilson’s house carrying a shotgun and yelling threats. Wilson met him at the door with his revolver held down at his side. A nice Dan Wesson revolver that he really liked. Seeing Wilson’s gun, the other guy decided to just yell at him for a bit, then walked back to his vehicle. But as he left he fired a shot from his shotgun into the air.

Wilson vs The Forest Circus

I first met “Wilson” soon after he moved to the area. He told me he moved because he had lost his business. Personally, I think his business was stolen from him by the mafia Wilson always referred to as the “Forest Circus”. These were the clowns who controlled (and rationed) the license which “allowed” Wilson to conduct his business.

Wilson and The State Police

“Wilson” never had a driver’s license in all the years I knew him. He normally traveled by bicycle. He wasn’t usually in a hurry and it was cheaper than buying fuel. Especially at our local prices. When he needed to carry a load or make a longer trip he drove his old full-sized van. He avoided being pulled over because he wasn’t a reckless or impulsive driver. But one day his luck ran out when he was a few miles outside of town.