Peter Gray: The Role of Play in the Development of Social and Emotional Competence (43m)

This episode features a lecture by evolutionary psychologist, research professor, and author Peter Gray from 2012 on the role of play on human child development among hunter-gatherers, 1950s America, and today. Gray also looks at the rise of emotional and social disorders as a result of the decline of play.

Peter Gray: How Humans Learn (2h6m)

This episode features an interview of evolutionary psychologist, research professor, and author Peter Gray from 2020 by John Papola, host of the Emergent Order podcast. They discuss the worlds of developmental and evolutionary psychology, the way that the education system has changed, the origins of school, and much more. The conversation surrounds Peter’s personal experience with the education system through his son, which is what led him to studying development and education.

Alex’s Journey, Digital Nomad,, & (1h6m) – Episode 423

Episode 423 welcomes Alex Horsman to the podcast to chat with Skyler on the following topics: his work with; the Resistance Library; graduating the University of Missouri (Mizzou) with a business and economics degree, and their Austrian School trained economics professors (lawsuit); becoming a digital nomad after graduation and living in 4 different countries in the last two years; experiences in Bali (Indonesia), Colombia, Lisbon (Portugal), and Sao Paulo (Brazil); constantly being offered drugs in Lisbon (Portugal decriminalization); unschooling and Sudbury schooling (Free to Learn by Peter Gray); Utah history and politics; COVID-19 and tourism; merchandise business; Tuttle Twins and the Mises Summit at Jekyll Island; Robert Kyosaki and Jeff Berwick feud; EVC logo colors origin; predictions on Trump pardoning anybody of note; and more.

Policing the Public Schools: How Schools Are Becoming Even More Like Prisons

In his book, Free To Learn, Boston College psychology professor Peter Gray makes the connection between school and prison. He writes: “Everyone who has ever been to school knows that school is prison, but almost nobody beyond school age says it is. It’s not polite.” It’s a prison in that young people are compelled to attend school by law, are unable to voluntarily leave, are told what to do and when, and are required to consume a standardized curriculum.

UPDATED March 2018: The Homeschooling and Liberty Podcast

I am very pleased to announce The Homeschooling and Liberty Summit, which begins February 1st, and continues through the end of the month. It is an absolute honor to be involved in something of this magnitude, along with so many giants in the liberty and unschooling world. Ron Paul, Peter Gray, Pat Farenga, Pam Laricchia, Tom Woods, Thaddeus Russell, Scott Noelle, Skyler Collins, and the list goes on!