How to Construct a Cold, Dead Society

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Don’t touch your kids. What I mean is, have as little physical contact with them as possible in their formative years. This will prevent them from developing any kind of meaningful connection to you, such as learning to recognize you as their guardians, protectors, and emotional supports when things go wrong. It will help create a nagging sense of loneliness and inability to rely on anyone else for anything beyond superficial daily task management. It’s the single most effective way to emotionally neuter a human being, short of neurosurgery.

Never showing affection through touch has the additional benefit of making a developing man or woman totally insecure about forming romantic bonds with members of the opposite sex. If you don’t want your daughter to get knocked up by some young hooligan, simply make sure the concept of safe masculine care and attention is completely unknown to her. If she ever does engage in intercourse, it will probably be brief and unfulfilling because she has no idea how to be emotionally vulnerable under such extreme conditions with a man. She can then pass along this general malaise of ignorance over her own body to her daughter one day.

She may, however, just turn down the opposite path and come to see sex as totally casual and meaningless. Since prostitution tends to be prevalent in emotionally depraved societies, she can even make a lucrative profession out of her inability to feel (at least until she passes her physical prime in a few years time). Maybe some fragile part of her will survive and seek whatever male attention she can get from casual sexual encounters and subservience to a man.

Of course, even children raised by the coldest and deadest parents still have a sliver of a chance of accidently stumbling upon true humanity if left to their own devices for too long. The best way to prevent this is simply to never let them be left on their own. Make sure they attend a school with long hours and repetitive droning of erroneous information. Keep your society as much of a closed system as possible. Information should only recirculate within your culture’s boundaries, and rarely should you seek input from places where people think differently than you do. Your kids should be just like you.

Encourage the upholding of cultural tradition as the highest good a person can achieve. To perpetuate the past is to halt progress, so tradition succeeds in stopping anything from progressing or changing too quickly. Keep your kids in technological darkness. Only make use of as much modern technology and innovation as is necessary to maintain the existence you’ve already been raised with. Remember, if it was good enough for generations prior, it’s good enough for generations future. Change is a scary thing.

In the rare events where circumstances force you to interact with an outsider, never compromise nor change yourself to match them. Demand that they adapt to your way of doing things, even if their proposed alternative is clearly superior from an objective standpoint. Your methods are what you have practiced your entire life. They are what your ancestors practiced. This is all you need to know.

Above all, never let yourself take full responsibility for your own life. This is the key to perpetuating inanity and backwardness. Always in your mind keep the image of someone or something of a higher imagined level of authority. The more authoritarian, monarchical, religious, and subjugated you can keep yourself, your children, and your neighbors, the less individuality and aliveness you will encounter in the society you are infecting upon the world. Regularly reminding yourself through songs and images of your powerlessness and subservience to another being or organization will be the final nail in the coffin of your spirit. Train your children in kind, and strike them down with fury should they EVER question the conclusions and habits you have adopted from your predecessors.

The death of humanity is now assured. Congratulations.

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