Loyalty Oaths Compared: An Orwellian Exercise

What’s afoot?  Orwellian doublethink of the highest order. Sure, the hated 1950 Loyalty Oath seems far less onerous than the new Diversity and Inclusion Vow.  But the people who refused to sign the 1950 Oath were heroes standing up for freedom of conscience.  The people who question today’s orthodoxy, in contrast, are hate-mongers who need to be excluded from high-skilled employment.

With Remote Learning, Schools Are Watching and Reporting Parents at Alarming Rates

As remote learning creates more distance between school districts and students, school and state officials are clinging to control however they can. From sending Child Protective Services (CPS) agents to investigate charges of neglect in homes where children missed Zoom classes last spring, to proposing “child wellbeing checks” in homes this fall, government schools and related agencies are panicking over parents having increased influence over their children’s care and education during the pandemic.

Professional Value, Insufferable Bitch, Responsibility, & Child Leashes (27m) – Episode 351

Episode 351 has Skyler giving his commentary on the following entries to r/unpopularopinion: yathatisveryadequate writes, “Animators should be payed WAY more than actors” and jdkdkdms writes, “Scientist should be paid more than Atheletes”; Agent_Ayru writes, “‘I’m not a morning person’ isn’t an excuse to be an insufferable bitch”; DarkMausey writes, “We are creating a society where no one is responsible for anything, and that’s a problem”; and Tweezot writes, “Keeping small children on leashes in public is extremely practical and shouldn’t be considered ‘weird’.”

Our Responsibility To Protect Innocence

There are billions of people who don’t know about the latest political hypocrisy, “woke” overreach, leftist neologism, or cultural depravity with which we “tuned in” people bathe our brains each hour. Imagine the happiness of living life assuming the best about your common man and not attaching shame or fear to things as simple as sitting in a chair (now a “micro-aggression” of “manspreading” according to some).