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by Skyler J. Collins, Editor

Ahh, you have arrived! Wonderful! And now the fateful question, where do you go from here? You may decide this book is complete hogwash and toss it out the window. Or you may decide that this book is on to something. Realizing, too, that it created more questions than it was willing to answer. That’s a good thing! But now what? First things first.

As was explained in the introduction, “what is herein presented is merely the tip of the proverbial iceberg. It’s what’s under the water that is truly fascinating and life changing.” And what better way to discover it than by consulting each resource? The Internet contains a vast and growing archive of free libertarian and voluntaryist thought. Many of the recommended books can be found in electronic format and had for free. You must set off to develop your understanding of voluntaryism. But you must also simultaneously set off to live it.

And the best place to start is with yourself. Commit never to initiate aggression against another human being; never to coerce someone else against their will; never to pillage, rape, or murder. Recognize that you simply don’t have a right to force someone else to do something that they don’t want to do. You must use persuasion. If persuasion fails, than that is that. And further, never send an agent to pillage, rape, or murder on your behalf, never send the State to use violence in your stead. If you want to build an art museum, then work a fundraising campaign and seek voluntary donations. If the only way to get your art museum is to steal the necessary funds, then it’s quite obvious that the art museum shouldn’t be built.

The next step is to commit yourself to bettering your approach to and relationship with your children. Think of them as they are, little people, with every right that you have. And ask yourself, “How can our relationship develop on the basis of love and trust? How can I be their mentor?” Forget immediately this idea that children “behave” one way or another. What may seem like “bad” behavior is really no such thing. It’s a yearning to have one’s needs met. Children don’t “ask” for punishments, they petition for help!

Further, if one is to understand and cherish genuine learning, one must be given genuine liberty to learn. Children have a fundamental right and a natural desire to control their own education. Their curiosity is seemingly infinite, but compulsory schooling quickly destroys that curiosity. Children need freedom over their minds if they are to truly discover and learn anything of real value to themselves; if they are to make sense of the world in a meaningful way. True learning can’t be forced. Research unschooling via the provided resources; believe it, implement it, and then you’ll see it. Your children deserve no less.

All in all, we can’t expect others to change before we change ourselves. Peace and prosperity begins when you realize that you are already free, that the world is your playground and your research center, and that you can do whatever you damn well please. Sure, there will be obstacle and challenges, but nothing so onerous that they cannot be overcome. If you must use counter-economic means, so be it. Manage such a risk as you manage any other risks in life.

You are free when you take back your freedom. Life is yours to own, happiness is yours to pursue, and allow your children the same privilege. Once again, Godspeed!

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