The American Left’s Crushing Defeat By the Global Alt-Right

The disgraceful and shameful rhetoric coming from the anti-Trump left has been telling. Thankfully not many of my friends have participated in it, and that is appreciated. Keep it classy.

But the vile, and hate, and violence I have seen geared towards not just pro-trump people, but white people, males – especially “straight white males” – has been staggering. I’m not surprised, but I am ashamed of their behavior.

We had 8 years of Obama’s divisions of people. We had 8 years of media elites and pundits and their useful idiots telling people that if you didn’t think just like they do, that you are worthless. We’ve had 8 years of radical 3rd wave feminists and Social Justice Warriors telling us that if you didn’t given in to their demands, you were a racist, homophobic, xenophobic bigot who didn’t deserve to live.

We’ve had 8 years of that. And it looks like we’ll have many more because the left just cannot lose with grace. It is beyond their scope of reality to do so. And for me to even call them out on it is “proof” of my so-called “privilege.”

Well, so many people have had enough of it, and cleaned house. See where 8 years (and counting) of TRUE hateful, bigoted, racist, speech and actions got you? It got you the rise of the Alt-Right. It got brought you a Bernie Sanders loss. It cost you the White House, AND the Senate AND the House.

You have nobody to blame but yourselves.

LEARN from this. BE civil. BE better. Have some dignity. Quit spreading garbage lies from the MSM who have already proved their worthlessness to you in this election. For 2 years now, they’ve been peddling you this crap about Trump, about how he’d never win, about how Hillary was so much better than Sanders…and look what it got you.

Don’t keep doing it. Drop the msm. Drop their narrative. It was designed to make you feel the feelings you’re feeling now, and those feelings are based on lies and illusions.

You know who lost this election? Anarchists.

You know who lost the last election? Anarchists.

The one before that? Anarchists. Before that? Anarchists.

You don’t see us rioting, pillaging (the irony!), or creating massive blockades on city streets.

No, we go about our business. We do what we have to do to get by. And when we can, we create Think Tanks. We write books, blogs, and magazine articles. We create businesses, and create jobs. We say “eff you washington. ‘I won’t do what you tell me!'” And we live our lives.

The left needs to learn that.

The Alt-Right proved now twice how much power and pull they have (Brexit and Trump). What you leftists do not understand about the Alt-Right is, before they were in America, they were in Europe, rising. The Alt-Right has been rising in Europe for quite some time now. Every election in Germany, their people get stronger. It’s happening in France. It’s happening in England, and the UK.

And it will continue to happen.

And that’s another thing the left just doesn’t understand. They think they own the conversation on race relations, sexuality, gender, etc…They think that the conversations they have about these things here on the level they’ve been discussed is the same in Europe, or in South America, or Asia.

Guess what?

It’s not.

It’s not even close. Does it exist? To some degree. But the pull that Feminists have and SJWs have here in the states is LAUGHABLE when considering the discussions the WORLD is having right now. And do you know who is winning on the WORLD scale?

The Alt-Right. Not SJWs. Not Feminists. Not Anarchists.

The Alt-Right. Because they are a GLOBAL phenomenon. I don’t think many people are understanding this. They are GLOBAL in scope. It is a movement that is resonating with MILLIONS of people. Your movements, SJWs and Feminists, are divisive, insulting, intellectually dishonest, and people have had enough of it. And when the bulk of your material is based on hyperbole, safe spaces, and mockery – YOU. WILL. LOSE.

Every time.

You just took a punch to the gut you never saw coming because you were so blinded to the reality of how political movements work. You were so blinded by your arrogance, your hate, your racism, your feminism, that you never saw coming the powerhouse that is the Alt-Right.

And it cost you this election. And you lost hard.

Anarchists lost too. As far as liberty is concerned, we lost either way. Every time there is an election, we lose, in a way.

But we use that loss to go onto to better things. Things that undermine government authority in our day to day lives. We don’t experience “crying” or “shaking” thanks to government action or inaction because we’re too busy moving on to more important things. It has nothing to do with bullcrap ideas like “privilege.” It has everything to do with the ability to separate the inherent non-usefulness of government with the usefulness we see in ourselves and our ideas. So we spend time educating. Fighting on the local level. Giving people a choice. And leaving mockery to the “journalists” over at Comedy Central.

We adapt.

And we move on.

It’s time you learned that lesson, American left. You aren’t the big shots. You never were. And you got your asses handed to you because of that self-induced ignorance via arrogance. And it hurts.

But you needed it. I hope it starts a culling within your ranks, and takes you back to your ideological liberal roots. I hope it purifies your spirits so you can get back on board with reality.

Until then, prepare to keep losing.

In the words of Negan: “You can breathe. You can cry. You can blink. Hell, you’re all going to be doing that.”

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