Chris J. Returns, Psychedelics, VP Debate, & 3-Pole Political Polarization (58m) – Episode 397

Episode 397 welcomes back Chris Jenkins to chat with Skyler on the following topics: Amazon package delivery woes; CBD and health supplements; use of psychedelics like ketamine and psilocybin (magic mushrooms); Vice Presidential debate in Salt Lake City; Trump’s pummeling of old-man Biden; being woke or red-pilled, and where Skyler would be had he not discovered economics and libertarianism 15 years ago; their new thesis that the political polarization that has occurred the last 20 years has been not been 2-poled, left vs. right, but rather, 3-poled, left vs. right vs. disillusionment; whether being ignorant of economics or being a Keynesian/Marxian is worse; and more.

Chris J. Returns, Cloud Gaming, Losing Family & Scientism (58m) – Episode 389

Episode 389 welcomes back Chris Jenkins to chat with Skyler on the following topics: their wives’ 19th century lives before emigrating to the United States; machismo in Latin America; cloud gaming; science as religion; Mormonism, truth, and Joseph Smith; losing family members; euthanasia and the elderly; scientism and critical race theory; listening to podcasts all day long; and more.

Chris J. Returns, Utah Windstorm, Sci-Fi Favorites, & Root Issues (1h15m) – Episode 375

Episode 375 welcomes back Chris Jenkins to chat with Skyler on the following topics: Utah windstorm fallout; California wildfires; Dune trailer; hero’s journey and Disney; sci-fi television; Star Trek movies; British comedy; Netflix’s Lost in Space; 13 year old Autistic boy shot by police in Salt Lake City; Rob Hustle’s “Call the Cops” music video; the War on Drugs and the War on Poverty and what they’ve done to the black community; University of Utah’s economics and humanities departments; Ben Swann on the Moderna vaccine; politician pedophile rings; their line in the sand for leaving the United States for greener pastures; American secessionary movements in their lifetime; and more.

Chris J. Returns, Learning Spanish, 19 Essential Skills (1h30m) – Episode 372

Episode 372 welcomes back Chris Jenkins to chat with Skyler on the following topics: learning Spanish; culture shock moments in Chicago for Skyler and Philadelphia for Chris; gringos con latinas (white boys with hispanic wives); Mises Institute events; Monopoly on Violence documentary; Atlantic Council and it’s Utah connection in Jon Huntsman, Jr.; Richard Grove’s Autonomy course and 19 Essential Skills download; integrity; gratitude; culture of excellence; scarcity/abundance mindset; can-do attitude; delegation; adding/selling value; kids and household chores; and more.

Chris J. Returns, Social Conformity, Pandemic Schooling, & The Great Reset Initiative (58m) – Episode 365

Episode 365 welcomes back Chris Jenkins to chat with Skyler on the following topics: adventures in delivery work; social conformity in the pandemic era; divisiveness caused by government action; bypassing due process to punish people in Los Angeles; COVID-19 lawsuits against governments; schooling in the pandemic era; the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset Initiative”; qualified immunity in Federal verse State courts; and more.

Chris J. Returns, Sinister Social Distancing, & Agorism/Counter-Economics (56m) – Episode 358

Episode 358 welcomes back Chris Jenkins to chat with Skyler on the following topics: their Jurassic Park movie favorites, in order; movies during the 2020 pandemic; social distancing verse physical distance and whether something more sinister is afoot; Samuel Konkin III’s agorism and counter-economic strategies for starving the state of tax revenue; civil disobedience; challenging the state’s jurisdictional claims (and a bit on Skyler’s recent experience with his Airbnb, found here); gumming up the gears of state action through courts and in raising the costs of their bureaucratic enforcement; Utah allowing community service in lieu of paying traffic fines and where that law originated; unschooling and homeschooling as agorist action; and more.

Chris J. Returns, Delivery Work, Kamala Harris, & Politicizing Science (45m) – Episode 348

Episode 348 welcomes back Chris Jenkins to chat with Skyler on the following topics: delivery work under Amazon for Chris and food delivery for Skyler; Kamala Harris as Joe Biden’s vice presidential pick; pandemics and the waning tolerance of lockdowns across the world; the danger and foolishness in politicizing science; Ron Paul’s moment in the sun and whether that was a fluke; and more.

Episode 076 – Chris’s Journey (1h40m)

Episode 076 welcomes Chris Jenkins to the podcast to discuss his journey to voluntaryism, with Skyler and Morgan. The topics covered include: Cash Flow, the game, the Robert Kiyosaki and Jeff Berwick encounter, his paralegal career, his K-12 public schooling experience and being labeled slow, forced into Resource classes and not allowed out, his complete disinterest in all things school, his LDS mission to Philadelphia and Dover, his wife and kids, their schooling experience, his neo-conservative days during the 2008 election, first paying attention to Ron Paul in 2012, his interest in affiliate marketing, becoming a libertarian in 2012 and an anarchist in 2013-2014, the attacks he suffered by the City of Bountiful over his rental property, why having people close to you with different opinions can make for enlightening discussions, and his favorite podcasts.