Why Women Can’t Complain About Men?

I decided to try out watching a video by Stefan Molyneux. It’s been years, and this one seemed somewhat short and inflammatory. So I’ll contribute a little analysis. The video: “Why Women Can’t Complain About Men

This video is dumb and makes dumb points … but most people who disagree with this the strongest are probably just as wrong.

Women who complain about men (as a gender) are merely showing that their feelings get hurt and they care deeply about men. We don’t complain about lions hurting people because we understand and accept who they are and what their nature is. Of course, I find nothing intrinsically wrong with the nature of men … but the people who complain do. Complaining about the individual choices of a whole class of people is insane and requires you to ignore any causality and apply some rigid and highly problematic free-willian premises.

Molyneux’s analysis here makes men the victim of female selection. Men are determined feathers in the wind while female mate selection is the only force that creates mankind and, by his analysis, creates every attribute of man. By his analysis …. the only causal force in human biology is female mate selection. This makes it so women lose their right to complain as a whole since they are THE causal chain in the biological male.

To give in a little, and make a deeper analysis rather than just sighs. Women are more selective in breeding than men. However, women’s selective process is vastly more narrow than what is inferred here. Women’s mate selection isn’t a more conscious and deliberate force than anything else in human biology, merely just another link in the chain. Women didn’t selectively choose mates throughout time based off of a thoughtful creation of the male gender. Women chose mates due to prevailing circumstances and biological forces built inside of them.

I would also suggest to thoughtful people to consider that the biological male was created very deliberately to fit with females’ biological motivations (and vice versa). Thinking about this creates many interesting thoughts about the nature of mankind and the cooperative relationship humans have with one another. Of course, that doesn’t infer anything to the degree that Molyneux implies here. Since female mating habits aren’t THE causal force of human biology (but an important one in the chain of causation), it doesn’t imply responsibility or fault on an individual person for anything.

On top of all of this, Molyneux abandons any pretense of individualist philosophy (others told me he has been doing this for years). He prescribes collective responsibility onto individuals for the choices of a collective.

This video is bad. He chooses one link in a chain of causality and claims it is THE prime motivator of all of mankind. This will seem plausible for people who lack any philosophical experience since they can see how female reproductive selection is obviously a major force in mankind, and how tweaking that can radically change what humans are.

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Aaron White, married to a swell girl, is a business owner and unschooling father of two, going on three. His hobbies are music and poker. He resides in Southern California.