Mask Fine Theft by Government

When a politician makes a mistake and makes a problem worse (or creates a problem out of thin air), they rarely change course. Instead, they double down.

It’s hard for them to admit they did the wrong thing and so easy to claim it was the right thing but didn’t go far enough.

Welcome to Political Shut-Down Theater, Part Two.

The first shut-down was a terrible idea. I’d be willing to forgive those responsible since it was done in ignorance. No one knew how dangerous the virus might be, and sketchy reports from other countries scared some people into over-reacting. However, now we know. To shut the economy down again — to shut down society — isn’t ignorant, it is an intentional act of sabotage. Those responsible should be held accountable. Personally, not by shifting the burdening onto their tax victims.

As one reader pointed out to me, all businesses are essential to their customers. I would add that they are also essential to the owners, their employees, and to the general economic health of society. He correctly pointed out that this is people control, not virus control.

I’m not automatically against shutting some things down. I would favor letting all government agencies and facilities close until all danger, from everything, has passed. This is as far as government authority goes, though. They have no legitimate authority over anything in the private sector — they only pretend they do.

To allow politicians to make any decision for you — backed by the violence of government — is irresponsible. It’s foolish to allow politics to infest society.

This foolishness is compounded if politicians are allowed to impose a fine for the non-crime of not wearing a mask.

A fine is simply another way for government to steal money for itself. I’m never in favor of fines. A fine is used to punish people while coercing them into doing what the state wants. Regardless of whether the state is correct.

I’m in favor of choice; letting people make their own decisions (and mistakes) about the things that affect them. If you don’t want to take the risk of opening your business or leaving your home, no one should force you to do so.

If you feel safer wearing a mask, I encourage you to wear one. Do whatever you can to make yourself feel better, without forcing your choices on anyone else. No one should dictate your choices to you, nor should your choices be imposed on others.

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