I Am A Feminist, and Not All Choices Are Worth Fighting For

I want to start off by saying that I am as “pro-woman” as it might get.

Of course, women should be treated with equal respect. Of course, women should have the right to choose what they do with their bodies. Of course, women deserve to be paid the same as men for the same work. OF COURSE, women are worthy citizens. Absolutely. And…

All the choices we have been presented with by a society dominated by men and patriarchal values are NOT worth fighting for. Meaning, just because we can do something, doesn’t mean we should… or even want to.

I get it, though. These choices we are given have been framed as “rights.” Rights is a charged word. Who doesn’t want rights to something? Of course, women should have the right….right?

We have somehow been duped into thinking that just because society has given us an option in regard to our own lives, health, careers, etc, then it has value and we should fight for it.

But let’s face it. Society misses the mark A LOT in terms of what is conducive to the health and wellbeing of its citizens. As a matter of fact, I would be so bold to say that mostly, what we deem as normal and mainstream societal expectations and behavior pretty much sucks.

I want to pause and reiterate. I am allllll for a woman’s right to choose. I am in no way suggesting or proposing that we remove a woman’s right to choose for herself, or force/inflict anything upon her without her consent and against her judgment.

The word “choice” is defined as: “an act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities.”

Therefore, is it really a choice if we aren’t given all the information about the choices we have to choose from? Is it really a choice if you are not choosing between “two or more possibilities” and you are just doing what is being pushed onto you by societal expectation and conditioning? Because you know, that’s how your mom did it and that’s how you were raised.

I am pro-woman. I am pro-health, freedom, happiness, vitality, and power of all women. Most women have so much internalized misogyny that they are not aware of their power and abilities as a woman. They don’t know how good they can feel. I am still realizing it for myself.

And I believe that some of our choices we are given and fighting for do not create such a woman if she is choosing it out of tradition and ignorance of any other alternative.

For example, if the goverment came in tomorrow and said they were proposing a bill that said we could no longer eat at McDonald’s, and McDonald’s was going to be banned, would you fight for your right to eat there?

You definitely could! Fighting for your right to consume from an establishment that will only make your body sick and toxic and unable to be your absolute best, greatest self is an option. And I think we can do better. Oh so much better.

Do you think we would be fighting for McDonald’s of all places if we knew the other options that were available to us? If we banded together as women to support one another in education/support in health and vitality? If we laughed in the faces of those who make these laws and said, “cool, we don’t need your crap anyway,” and reclaimed our own innate power that knows we never ever needed McDonald’s to be alive or healthy or vital or beautiful or self-sufficient?

What if we knew deep in our core that we have everything we already need? That it truly, on the deepest level, cannot be taken. That is merely the illusion and where so many of us give away our power. *We* think we need *them.* Their approval, their product, their permission, their laws, etc. The cold (and also liberating) truth is: WE DON’T.

You have the power to cure your ills, pain, disease, sickness. You have the power to prevent and attain pregnancy. Your body can birth a baby on its own. You can heal your brain. You can heal your life.

Again, I am not saying that all women should never have support when support is needed. Thank God we have technology when it is truly needed (rarely) and damn technology for all the times it interrupted a natural process and caused major harm (not rare at all).

The point is education and awareness. If women knew how to take all this information and power back into their own hands then we woudn’t need to rely on outdated systems to tell us outdated information.

Women deserve to know the whole truth and see the bigger picture of life and their own bodies.

So before you go marching in the streets for your rights to take a pill with known side effects to your body and mind, ask yourself how you are perpetuating the war on women and their bodies by doing so.

If you become aware of the negative effects this has had on a society of women and still for whatever reason choose to take this for yourself, then fine (this is just one example). This approach isn’t what is happening, though. Women are not aware that the other symptoms they are experiencing are because of their pill use. Women have been completely stripped of their intuition and ability to track their cycles and don’t know that they have that option.

When women know the reality of their “choices,” it will only be then that they can truly choose. Until then, we are merely dry swallowing baneful convention and calling it “freedom.”

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