2016: The Year Nerd Culture and Free Speech Died

When it comes to all things nerd, 2016 hasn’t been our best year. Between nerd culture icons like Leonard Nimoy, Gene Wilder, or Alan Rickman passing away, or music icons like George Michael, Prince, or David Bowie dying, or nerd-cultural-phenomena like Star Wars being transformed into SJW propaganda, and other nerd-staples being made into Feminist and SJW “philosophical” outlets (here’s looking at you, Marvel Comics, Star Wars generally, and Joss Whedon), nerds the world over have begun to ask “Is this the end?”

I have a nerd-related YouTube Channel. I talk about my favorite nerd-doms – video games, comic books and related movies, etc. I sprinkle in anarchy related content occasionally. It is by no means a successful channel, and my views and subscriber count are paltry compared to some others. I’ve quieted down my activity over there in the last couple of months, but I did enjoy the feedback I received, the skills I gained, however small, in filming and editing, and it was a lot of fun. That said, I lamented the SJW turn in our form of media on my channel, and I will continue to do so over here at the flagship, The 3 Pillars of Anarchy blog. It’s an area of my life that I grew up with, fostered, and cherished. I created and joined clubs and organizations, went to conventions, waited in line to talk to the people “in the know,” and generally enjoyed the nerd way of life. I still do to a large extent, and although my recent red-pill awakening, and my passion for philosophy are my primary means of satisfaction, I can formulate The Walking Dead theories with the best of em. So it is no surprise when I, and many other nerd culture fans, begin to notice a shift in that medium we love and cherish. An established character’s race or gender is changed arbitrarily, with no reason. But when it happens in reverse, the backlash is immediate and severe. Straight, white, males are, 9 times out of 10, the bad guy. They’re given lines that sound as if Glenn Beck was writing them (the intent, of course, is to portray that line of thinking as evil, or something to be shamed) Other characters are given the name of a long-existing super hero, despite having no real connection to that super hero, or the source of the name (Ms. Marvel immediately comes to mind). When fans complain, they’re immediately told “You’re a racist! You’re a bigot!” And so, we keep quiet, and suffer in silence as our cherished childhood memories become another SJW doormat for them to wipe their feet on, and then demand that we be grateful for it. And this brings me to my next point.

It’s not just nerd culture that is at death’s door. It’s free speech, as a whole. Criticism is deemed offensive (unless it’s criticism levied at those approved to be criticized by the SJW and Feminist power-brokers), love for beloved childhood icons is hate, defense of those icons is oppressive, and the demands of safety outweigh the demands of honest investigation and critical thinking. “Feelz > facts,” as it were. And people are being punished for expressing these views. Keep in mind, people do not have a right to be free from death threats, or punishment through privately owned mediums (Twitter bans, notwithstanding). But the cultural precedent that is set is scary, nonetheless, especially when those in power in the private market use that experience and begin to help craft policy in the public sphere, calling for similar punishments. (Here’s looking at you, Canada). Because, at the end of the day “everything is racist. Everything is sexist. Everything is homophobic.”

The election of Donald Trump has only emboldened these types. The writers of the latest Star Wars movies have claimed that the official, cannon, story is that the Empire is a “white supremacist” organization. Regardless of whether or not Donald Trump actually represents that kind of villainy, the social justice warriors and feminists are already framing the next stage of the nerd culture wars in that context, and have clearly begun implementing the debate in that manner. Now, any criticism given to the new Star Wars movies’ PC platform is immediately deemed racist, non-progressive, and bigoted. You clearly must be a Donald Trump supporter! Shameful.

Ok, so a year isn’t actually a problem. It’s just what we say, right? I mean, these problems are problems of people. Not some arbitrary year, or time, right?

Wait, now Carrie Fisher just died? Dammit…

Fuck off, 2016! Gah!

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