Why Be an Anarchist?

Written by Free Your Kids.

Why be an anarchist? Going with the flow would be much easier. The path is far less daunting. If one speaks of ending the state, he is immediately dismissed as naive, out-of-touch, and, quite possibly, a terrorist. So many regard government as sacrosanct. Calling the state immoral is a fine way to lose friends.

So why do it? Is it because I believe the world would be better without it? Do I believe humanity would be more prosperous and peaceful without government? Do I believe there would be less war, more freedom, and greater happiness for all? I do believe those things, but that’s not why.

Then why? Because I believe the initiation of force is wrong. Because the state must enforce its policies with violence. Because every rule, regulation, and edict will ultimately be enforced at gunpoint. Because the state cannot exist without resorting to threats, violence, and intimidation.

I don’t expect to see the state end in my lifetime, or any time soon. If anything, I fear things will become worse. A larger, more obtrusive police presence. More onerous restrictions. Greater loss of liberty. More threats. More violence. More tyranny. More limitations, more cages, and more war. Those who clamor for more government will get much more, I fear. And they’ll get it, good and hard.

So, in a sense, my stance is impractical. Whatever I do or say will probably be of little significance. It may even be dangerous for me and my family. Yet, I can do nothing else. I cannot betray my convictions. I will not initiate force against another peaceful individual nor ask another to do so on my behalf.

I have not come to this decision lightly. I do not expect others to agree with me. I do not expect adulation or praise. I suspect my position will not grant me popularity or personal gain. But when I say “I’m an anarchist”, I do not stutter. My voice does not shake or quiver. I say it proudly and with conviction because I believe violence is wrong. I can feel no other way.

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