The Road

Nobody asked but …

It’s difficult to decide what single action would make gender inequality go away. If getting rid of POTUS would do the trick, I say “off with his head!” But neither the direction nor the facts are crystal clear.

Look at the history already exposed. It’s not linear. The future is as unpredictable as the weather. Turbulence may pop up anywhere. Where shall we hold the March? Which road shall we take?

If we get rid of POTUS then we get his hand-picked VEEP. What kind of great leap for humankind will that be?  If we get rid of all the men, then we get stuck with the women who acted like men to get ahead in the prevailing patriarchy. An unhealthy and dominant segment of women-in-charge got there by kowtowing to men and emulating them. There is an entire layer of women, like the democratic nominee for POTUS, who if given the chance would govern just like their predecessors.

The problem is a failing system, founded on failing principles. I don’t think that POTUS’s military parade or a parade of suffragettes are significant enough events to make a difference.

I will be with you in spirit, but I will be doing as much damage to the status quo as I can at home. I am a Thoreau type. I believe salvation is in the individual, acting according to a clear conscience.

— Kilgore Forelle

NB — I want to thank my friends, Kempa and Sally, who prompted me to think about this.

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