The Failure of the Victimless Crime Gambit

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One of the primary attributes of a voluntaryist’s behavior is its focus on effective action.  We do not will I, nill I pursue missions antithetical to reality and nature.  We look for the natural route.  We cut to the root, the primary cause of a problem.  So what is the root of the overabundance of laws seeking to punish those who are not seeking to damage others?  In popular discourse this is frequently called victimless crime, implying that there is no need for laws nor enforcement applicable.  This is based on the wrong assumption that laws are written for the protection of could-be victims.  Laws, in fact, are written for the empowerment of the ruling class, a class whose members care nothing about victims as long as the victims are not among the ruling class.  Laws are written to confuse the ruled classes.  An indelible example for me is how the British courts in Ireland could change the laws in the twinkling of an eye, when the purpose was to defeat the Easter Uprising.  Laws have been used for the subjugation of people, almost exclusively, since the beginning of states.  The laws of Genghis Khan were made on the battlefield as quickly as a sword could lop off a head.  Today, we look for leadership in our society without once considering that the greatest leader of all was Genghis Khan.  A voluntaryist looks inwardly for leadership.


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