The Cowardocracy

More and more I’m seeing all statists– those who believe governing others to be a legitimate human endeavor– as cowards.

This coronapanic has exposed them better than anything in recent memory. Probably better than anything since the Blowback Attacks of 2001– which, I admit, almost drew me in.

Cowards always want someone to save them from dangers they exaggerate.

It’s not about your risk of getting coronavirus– you’ll probably get sick with something in the next few months regardless– it’s about your chances; your risk of dying from the illness. No one is being honest about that risk, because they don’t know what it is and won’t admit they don’t know.

But cowards don’t care, they want reassurance and they want someone else to take care of them. Even if what is being done is the wrong thing– possibly making things worse. Even if they are being lied to. As long as someone else seems like they are taking charge.

And you and I are paying for their cowardice.

Depending on someone else to hold your hand through the pandemic is probably not the healthiest way to respond. Allowing someone else to herd you like cattle is the worst way to respond. Life shouldn’t stop just because you don’t know what’s happening or what will happen next. If you think you know what the future holds, at any time, you’re fooling yourself anyway.

A police state is a symptom of widespread cowardice.

But I know you aren’t the one who’s the problem. The problem is those people who only watch MSNBC, CNN, or FOX news. They are being misinformed and it is making them cowards (if they weren’t before). It’s absurd. But they v*te. And they “support” the Blue Line Gang’s villainy. And they bleat and plead for government to “do something”.

Why should cowards control society? Why should they have power over your life just because of their superior numbers? You know the answer: they shouldn’t.

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