Politics Doesn’t Improve Your Life

Occasionally I’m asked what I write about. It’s a hard question to answer.

Some would say I write about politics, but this isn’t quite right. I don’t care about politics. I want to encourage people to grow beyond politics; to find better ways.

Politics seems to be the art of making mountains out of molehills. By “art” I mean in the sense you might call pickpocketing an art; not like the Mona Lisa.

Politics is “do unto others before they do unto you.”

Life is needlessly complicated when you believe you need to control other people, since they’ll believe they should control you, too. You’ll probably both take the shortcut of electing someone to do the controlling for you, but the results are the same, if not worse.

Your right to control someone else ends where their actions no longer harm you. If you try to control them beyond this point, you’re the one causing harm.

Politics is the only reason immigration is seen as a problem. Someone set up a coercive tax-funded welfare system, criminalized defense of person and property except in very limited circumstances, and crippled the economy with taxes and bureaucracy. A molehill was made into an ever-growing mountain.

Politics is why crime is a more serious problem than it would be. If people were truly free to defend their life, liberty, and property from bad guys there would be less crime for government to pretend to protect us from.

Why tax people for things that aren’t popular enough for people to fund them voluntarily? Allow people to use their money as they see fit. If something is important, people will pay for it. Just because you feel something is important doesn’t mean it is. Its true importance will be shown by how many volunteer to fund it.

Politics interferes with choice.

I would voluntarily fund a fire department or library, but not a police department. If I needed an investigator for a specific situation I would hire one for as long as the service is needed, and no longer. For me to force you to pay for a service I want would be antisocial, but I wouldn’t stop you from funding whatever you value.

I can’t think of a single way in which politics improves life. Quite the opposite. It’s middle school drama writ large. If that’s what you enjoy, have at it. Just leave the rest of us out of your magnified molehill mountain range.

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