Lying, Cheating, Stealing…

Recently, ran an article by Mike Adams (the Health Ranger of fame) under “Naked Juice Class Action Settlement Announced” entitled “Here’s how to claim $45 from PepsiCo even without proof of purchase.”

At the heart of the suite is Naked Juice’s fraudulent claim that the brand contained no GMO, while the suite claims that it does contain such ingredients.

Throw all of that out. GMO is an undecided issue. I’m talking about the heart of the article, which is that a massive class action suite full of fraudulent claims would send a powerful message to Pepsi Co. to stop using GMO in Naked Juice products.

How can one claim they are for reduced government, private property, and free markets also claim that lying, cheating, and stealing from a company is okay simply because of the products they use?

At the core, Voluntaryism is for property rights and mutually beneficial exchange between individuals. Maybe GMO is bad, but to quote a former president, is “destroying free market principles to save the free market” good? Of course not. Individuals like Mike Adams should not be held up as examples of true Voluntaryism and free market principles.

– Eric

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