Ginger Gets Ticket Dismissed in Texas – Insufficient Evidence

Congrats to Ginger in Texas for successfully defending against bogus charges, and thanks for providing the proof.  The proof is from the Bexar County Court 5 website.

Ginger’s defense was the same as what we’ve done for a long time here, there was no evidence to support the prosecution’s claims.  These claims are that the constitution and laws apply to Ginger just because he’s physically in Texas, that Ginger violated those laws.  A discovery/Brady request was filed with the motion to dismiss.

As you can see, the charges were dismissed without trial for insufficient evidence.  That was Ginger’s defense.


Yes, while there are other plausible explanations, the strongest explanation is the ticket was dismissed based on Ginger’s defense.  The evidence we have, without assumptions, points to Ginger’s defense as the reason for the dismissal.  All other explanations, while plausible, are very weak as they require assumptions.

There just isn’t evidence proving there magical rules (“constitutions” and “laws”) apply to us.  There is no evidence proving there are reciprocal obligations of allegiance and protection, therefore, there are no citizens and states.

If one stops the reification process, and looks at the evidence, the truth is easy to see.  There is no “government”, just men and women forcing us to pay them.  They are criminals, that is why they cannot prove their “laws” apply to us.

If you disagree, and think you can prove there are states/governments, then please provide your evidence of reciprocal obligations of allegiance and protection.

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