Anatomy of a Frivolous Argument

While I’ve spoken about this many times, it keeps coming up so I figured I would do a formal analysis.  I’m well-aware this will have no impact on those who use this tactic to avoid discussion, such as lawyers and bureaucrats; this is for those who may be victims of this pernicious method of shouting down a valid argument.  Ironically, as will be shown, it’s those screeching “frivolous” that are usually raising a truly frivolous argument.  Yelling frivolous is a distraction technique, don’t be fooled by it.

5 Tips to be Effective in Court

Getting traffic tickets sucks and defending yourself in court is a daunting task, but can be well worth the effort.  You can be held in contempt for asking a question and let’s face it, traffic courts are run by criminals who are not interested in being fair.  But, despite that, we still get tickets thrown out.  Below are five proven tips to help you be more effective in court. 

Another Ticket Dismissed on Appeal

A listener got a traffic ticket kicked out on appeal in Delaware.  Yes, it was a parking ticket, but we’re making the same challenges we do in more serious charges, such as personal jurisdiction. Everything was just ignored at the trial, this is typical with parking tickets.  So an appeal was done and the motion to dismiss was again filed.  As you can see above, the ticket was voided.