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Actually, it is more than a fifty-fifty distribution.  It’s not just men versus women.  It’s enlightened women and enlightened men against the unevolved.  The tendency to want to go back, is a reaction to the experimental nature of the immediate future — the zone in which many new errors occur.  But it is really not more comfortable to go back to the old errors.  The campaign slogan of one could have been “Make America wallow in its erroneous past again.”  Spreading the blame, the other candidate could have cried “Regress for the rest of us,” as we tried to go back yet again to the New Deal.

The underlying truth, however, is that we as a people are made up of slightly less than 50% male and slightly more than 50% female.  Another truth is that much more than 50% of us are damned tired of being pushed around.  The paradigm has to be changed.  But we must avoid the old siren song of central planning.  We have had enough of trying to control from where maturity and brightness come.  We only know that it doesn’t automatically come from old white guys with too much schooling and/or too much money.

— Kilgore Forelle

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