Endings, Not in Sight

Nobody asked but …

Time flies when you’re having fun, but some things seem never to change.

Wars lead to wars.  Government leads to more government.  Taxes lead to greater taxes.  Modes of taxation lead to more and novel modes of taxation.  Organized crime leads to organization, crime, and more organized crime.

Are the sane people like the Eloi, while the overwhelming majority are the Morlocks?  Are the Eloi becoming a smaller and smaller segment of the post-human population?  And are the Morlocks the ascendant species?

It has been 73 years since FDR passed away, but 73 years later we still have some transmogrification of every alphabet agency he created (for example, see the OSS which today sports the banner of the CIA).  It is a logical question to ask whether any government agencies, once initiated, have ever ceased to be, either in its native format or some instance of its evolution.

Politicians never seem to achieve any kind of honor, as they roll in manure everyday.  Old ones are just replaced by new ones (remember when Pollyannas thought that term limits or campaign finance reform would be a game-changer?  O innocent dreams of yore.

Will we as a species ever arrive at the point where we no longer believe that a convenient fiction covers a fact?

— Kilgore Forelle

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