Boys Will Be Boys

Nobody asked but …

Boys will be boys.  Girls will be girls.  They will get into trouble, or they may get away with their peccadillos.  Most girls and boys will become women and men, respectively.  Some of the kids knew how to stay out of trouble, either by avoiding trouble, or less desireably by knowing how to fly under the radar.  But some adults build reputations by doing the things that are exclusive of trouble.  Some mentors avoid homosexual and pedophile scandals by NOT participating in the activities that lead to those scandals.

Some adult-aged children, however, cannot resist the halls of temptation.  If you want someday to be in an office that demands honesty, you cannot be partly responsible.  Your path is that of the saint.  You may not brush the flame, moth-like, and then pretend that you didn’t.  You need to dispense with drunken school parties, show biz, workplace hi jinks, and tail-chasing.  You need to be not like POTUS-32, 35, 42, 45.  You need to be unlike anyone who considers any workspace a sexual jungle gym.

We anarchists tend to think that government itself is bad, that a plethora of bureaucrats are bad, that politicians are creeps — and so they are.  But the worst part of any human endeavor are those who cannot follow objective, natural rules of not invading the lives of others, in narcissistically treating any circumstance as their Xanadu.

I myself did some underage drinking at the High School statewide Beta Club convention, but I never sought high office.  I partied on my own dime.

— Kilgore Forelle

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