Pandemic Evictions, MN Police PTSD, Student Visas, & SCOTUS Robocall Ruling (29m) – Episode 328

Episode 328 has Skyler giving his commentary on the following topics: the looming evictions of 28 million Americans caused by government lockdowns; Minneapolis police officers filing for PTSD-related disability claims; ICE forcing student visa holders to attend university in-person or risk deportation; the recent Supreme Court ruling overturning the 2015 law exempting government debt collectors from the 1991 law banning robocalls to cell phones; and more.

SCOTUS LGBT Ruling, Colorado Qualified Immunity, & Black Gun Owners March (24m) – Episode 308

Episode 308 has Skyler giving his commentary on the following topics: the recent Supreme Court of the United States ruling on the Civil Rights Act protecting gay and transgender employees; Colorado signing a new law removing the qualified immunity defense by misbehaving law enforcement; Oklahoma black gun owners march happening today, June 20th; setting up your iPhone or Android to record police interactions; and more.

Capital Punishment Isn’t Unconstitutional; We Should End it Anyway

The claim of inherent jurisdiction over life and death — the claim of a “legitimate” power to kill disarmed prisoners, in cold blood and with impunity (as opposed to the currently violent, in defense of self or others, subject to requirement to justify the deed) — is the very definition of totalitarianism.  You can have limited government or you can have capital punishment. You can’t have both.

Boys Will Be Boys

We anarchists tend to think that government itself is bad, that a plethora of bureaucrats are bad, that politicians are creeps — and so they are.  But the worst part of any human endeavor are those who cannot follow objective, natural rules of not invading the lives of others, in narcissistically treating any circumstance as their Xanadu.

The Welfare State: Where’s the Freedom and Responsibility?

The number of people on benefits is growing, while the relative number of people supporting those benefits is decreasing. There was a time when there were no benefits, and people were expected to exercise personal responsibility regarding their financial situation. Now, as much as 70% of American families receive more from the government than they pay in taxes. This is not sustainable, any more than it is moral.