An Anarchist’s Thoughts On the Election and the Reaction

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Watching people freak out over this has led me to just one conclusion – there are so many people who haven’t woken up, truly woken, to how government works.

Did an outsider get elected? Yes. Is he white? Yes. A male? Yes.

None of that matters.

Your gay friends aren’t going anywhere.

Your muslim friends aren’t going anywhere.

Your female friends aren’t going anywhere.

Quit buying into the false narrative that Trump is some racist, xenophobic, sexist who is going to send your transgender, muslim aunt to a firing squad.

Why do I say this?

Because it’s how government works. Those kinds of radical changes are met almost instantly with severe backlash and opposition. Hell, Trump has already been met with heavy resistance, and he hasn’t even done anything yet.

And he won’t.

If he tries to limit religious freedom, I, and people like me will be there.

If he tries to limit free speech, I, and people like me will be there.

If he tries to kick people out based on legitimate or factual xenophobia (in that, it’s proven that’s his intent), I, and people like me will be there.

Until then, calm the fuck down. I, and people like me, had to swallow the disaster of Obama being elected by people like you.

We had to deal with the ACA, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, more war in Syria, Libya, and elsewhere.

We dealt with it.

Quit “crying.” Quit “literally shaking.”

I don’t care if this is not pc to say, but seriously – man the fuck up. Deal with it.

Who cares about Washington? Govern yourself. Show your defiance by going on with your lives, living the very best you can be. Be everything your stereotypical view of Trump says you are not. Be entrepreneurial. Create jobs. Get educated. Engage in peaceful, polite, and considered and well-reasoned discussion, even if it ends in disagreement.

Stop calling people racist, hateful, xenophobic, bigoted, sexist, etc…just because they disagree with you. That’s what lost you this election in the first place. Learn from it. Consider their opinion. Consider how the rest of the world looks at these issues.

How many rights would your average American have in the middle east? How many rights would your average American have in Mexico?

And how many rights do you still have here?

Sure, America isn’t perfect. But that’s not because we elected Trump.

It’s because people are people – imperfect, ignorant, and afraid of change.

Be different than that. Be better than that. Shake hands, congratulate the winners (not me), and be better than the rhetoric. Be better than the media says you are. Be better than the stereotype you hold of those who disagree with you. And when you are better, that stereotype will fade away, and you’ll find reason to be civil again.

Get better. Be better. Screw Washington. Govern yourself. And move on.

For the record – by “people like me,” and “people like you” I mean statists and people who value real liberty. That’s it – just wanna nip that in the bud right quick.

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