Do Anarchists Have Any Reason to Celebrate?

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Watching the media squirm, spin, and do everything it could to prevent the image of Trump’s total annihilation of Hillary Clinton has been entertaining, if not sad, to say the least. As an Anarchist, I don’t, nor did I, support either of these candidates, but even Anarchists have some reasons to be pleased tonight. What are those reasons?

1. Hillary lost. She was easily the worse of the two candidates – a career politician, always leeching off of the taxpayer. She’d already been in the White House once. We need to stop with the royal political family dynasty bull-crap. Not to mention she is a terrible person who has no business, legally or otherwise, being in the White House.

2. I was very happy to see McMullin’s plan of sabotage fail as well. His whole campaign premise has been to keep Trump from winning a few states that might be necessary for him to pull off the victory. He didn’t win one electorate vote, much less a whole state. The last election I voted in was in 08′ when I voted for Ron Paul on the Republican side, then ended up voting for Gary Johnson on the libertarian ticket after the Republican Party sabotaged him at the RNC. When that happened, I vowed to never again vote for another Republican (since then, that has grown to include voting in political processes, period), and I’ve thus far kept that promise. But because of that experience with political sabotage, and seeing the Republican establishment up to their old tricks, I was keenly aware of what was happening, and am just happy to see snakes like him lose.

3. This election was a referendum on SJWism and 3rd Wave feminism. These ideologies lost. Period. There’s really no need to go further, but suffice it to say that when enough people are “woke,” they don’t care what your skin color is or, what genitals are between your legs. If your ideas are bad, or if you ridicule those who are different than you, or who have views different than your own, they’re going to vote. And you are going to lose. And they did vote. And you lost. You keep telling enough people that they hate an entire group of people just because they didn’t or don’t support your candidate, then don’t be surprised when they vote against you. Ridicule may be what writes Bill Maher’s and Jon Stewart’s paychecks, but the average American has had enough.

A couple of other quick thoughts –

As I said in my first quick thoughts post, this election says a lot about Alt-Right Populism. This is an ideology that is here to stay, with rapid and historic punching power. Be prepared to be deal with them on a grander scale, and they should be prepared for a level of attack and repudiation from the MSM and social justice groups the likes of which they can’t possibly see coming. Or if you’re simply white and male…it’s coming. Make no mistake.

And this leads me to my final thought – If you thought the gender/sexuality/race wars were bad now, you haven’t seen anything yet. The regressive left hasn’t started (yet) their attacks, but they will come. Every single thing Trump does will be met with the heaviest of resistance, all based on his supposed “sexism,” “racism,” or some other made up bigotry that doesn’t actually fit the man himself, only the media narrative. And by extension, anybody seen acting within the “norms” of what it “means” to be white and male – they will come for you too. The left has never lost with grace, and statists never will. And their soldiers will be gearing up. Be ready. Stay safe. Protect your loved ones. Always act in peaceful ways, but…just be prepared. Things are going to get ugly, and they’re going to get ugly quick. Mark my words.

What a crazy night, eh?

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