99 Years, Bomb Plots, and the Middle East

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As mentioned, I’ve taken over the Voluntaryism subreddit and hope to make it active again. It’s been a ghost town, redirecting everyone to /r/voluntarism, but this gives me another outlet for my publications here at Everything-Voluntary.com. This week we’ve got a mother going to jail for 99 years, the FBI foiling, yet again, one of their own bomb plots, and peace in the Middle East, or why it won’t happen until the US leaves.

Mom Gets 99 Years

This story is absolutely horrible. A mother of five glued her 2-year-old daughter’s hands to the wall and then beat her into a coma. This “mother” is surely to blame for this atrocity, but abuse is usually cyclical. Whoever taught her this behavior is surely not blameless either. I don’t find any difference in principle between what this mother did, and what millions of parents do every day to their children. Children, especially small children, never deserve to be beaten, bruised, spanked, smacked, or otherwise have their bodies aggressively invaded by anyone. It’s immoral and counter-productive.

I ended the cycle of abuse in my family over a year ago and my relationship with my children is amazing. They have their challenges, as all young people do, but instead of punishing them for their mistakes, I mentor and help navigate them. Kids are ignorant about life. It’s our jobs as parents to love them and guide them, not hit them or punish them for acting like kids.

Foiled FBI Bomb Plot

I’m not sure the FBI has ever foiled a bomb plot that it was not instrumental in planning and funding. For 10 years now, the FBI has been encouraging the likes of Mr. Nafis to commit acts of terrorism in the United States. They enrage their suspect, plan the attack, supply it with fake materials, and then stop it in the nick of time, and then boast about their good work. This latest plot against the New York Federal Reserve was no different. This is simply madness.

And if I did this privately? I’d be thrown into prison. It’s a charade costing Americans their liberties, yet they lap it up and thank their “heroes” at the FBI for securing “the homeland”. The FBI is doing no such thing. It’s very existence as an arm of the state is an affront to liberty, as all voluntaryists well know. Abolish the FBI, abolish the state, abolish all injustice.

Peace in the Middle East

The Middle East is an area of instability. It has been so for thousands of years. Empire after empire has come and gone, and the American empire is no different. It’s presence is and has always been disruptive to the peace process. America continues to enact regime change, fight its un-winnable wars against terrorism, and drop bombs on innocent people. It’s been creating and fueling the terrorism it pretends to oppose for decades now. The Middle East will not and cannot obtain peace so long as the US continues to fund and participate in state terrorism in the name of “keeping Americans safe”. And it does so only after first robbing its own people of their wealth and liberties.

War is the health of the state, which is why voluntaryists should always oppose state wars, which account for virtually all current and past wars. The existence of the state is a war against society. The wars on poverty and drugs is a war against society. And the wars on terrorism is a war against the liberties of society. War is a statist doctrine designed to empower and enlarge the state. “Renounce war and proclaim peace” we are told in holy writ. Do you?

Final Thoughts

Keep studying the principles of voluntaryism. They are the only way to lasting peace and freedom. Never coerce, never punish, and always love both neighbor and child. Be the change you want to see in the world, starting in your home. And keep up the good fight!

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